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Jack Davis

Jack awoke early, like he usually did, and set about readying himself for the day. He made sure to prepare in the bathroom to avoid wakening Carol who was in a deep sleep. By the time he had finished Carol was still asleep so he crept over to his belongings and grabbed his backpack before he headed down stairs. Unlike last night the hallways were clear of traffic and the lobby only held a few trainers who wanted an early start like Jack. This meant that the tables that held his breakfast on them were brimming with food. Jack grabbed a few snaks and once he was done he waited. It wasn't that hard to wait, he had a crossword puzzle book that he had in his backpack. Time passed and more and more trainers entered the lobby, eventually the question being asked was when the tournament would start.

Eventually a elderly looking man came in and began to lay out the rules for the trainers. No fight inside cities, no killing, thefts were allowed, the pokemon were territorial, the radio tower closed at 8, and 15 pieces to complete a badge and enter the tournament. All in all not too many rules. Jack was good at memorization and this was no exception. As the trainers began to mingle once more Jack thought back to the man's advice about having an allegiance with other trainers. There were many trainers in the competition so it would actually be beneficial to have someone watching his back and if they worked together they could obtain more badge pieces and he could get his requirements out of the way early on.

As Jack looked around the crowd he spied a young man writing in a book. He had a red-sleeved shirt and five pokeballs on his belt. It didn't look like he had talked to anyone yet so this guy was his best bet. He walked up to him and smiled, "Hey there, my name's Jack Davis. I haven't seen you talking to anyone and I was wondering if you would form an alliance with me. My pokemon are well trained and prepared for any ecounter. So, you in?"
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