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well,in most games pcs are free and marts are so cheap,so anyone can become the champion... however, in this challenge...

1)games: gold/silver/crystal (if there are complete gen ii and you hacks let me know). i think gen i would be impossible and iii,iv and v are far too easy.
2)emulators are ok, the speed button is a necessity
3) no buying staff. no marts, no game corner, no herbs etc. your money is competely worthless
4)no free healing(resting at mr pokemon's and lance's medicine of course are allowed, please remind me if there are more free heals)
5) using a pc is not allowed(exception: releasing pokemon)
5)legendaries are allowed, but are a complete waste of resourses
6) no hacking.
7) challenge ends by defeating red.
sign up format:
username, game

my sign up:
titanomegistoterastios, gold

if you have any questions, pm me

please update and

go kill yourselves HAVE FUN!
day 1

named my player boo
started with cyndaquil
grinded by fighting jigglypuffs up to lvl 10
got pokedex( a free heal, too!)

Continued grinding
cyndaquil evilved into quilava
i am a complete idiot as i finished the pp of both ember and tackle, so i am waiting for morning metapods/kakunas to finish leer/smokescreen and go with struggle to beat my rival.

day 3
beating the rival wasn't a problem(got my 2nd free heal, too)
named him noob
got easily through falkner's gym(screenshots available, but i have to post more than 15 posts to link them)
caught krabby
hatched togepi
beat team rockets(=infinite kurt balls, 1/day-still...)
beat azalea gym
beat noob

day 4 3.00am

caught oddish(used an ether to raise her to lvl 14)
caught gastly(he fainted and i had to release him)
beat beaty samantha in goldenrod gym-krabby fainted
i don't know what to do - quilava is lvl 21, oddish 14, no balls.

day 5- actually 20 days of exams later-

collected berries and got kurt's fast ball- i'll have to rely to fast balls a lot
caught a second odish
got spearow from webster
used both to level up my first odish to lvl 17
gave spearow to webster's friend for tm50-not i m using it,anyway
released the fainted odish

file lost- end of boo's story

participants: titanomegistoterastios, nineray