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Originally Posted by DarkGrey View Post
Also, support for boulder pushing puzzles, especially ones like pushing boulders through holes in the floors and onto switches that appeared in gen1 games in most caves, would be very appreciated.

Being able to have multiple roamers of the same species would be cool. Events like having the player clear out a swarm of ghosts from a room would be much easier to pull off.
1. I have successfully made a boulder pushing puzzle WITHOUT SCRIPTING, you just need to read the map x/y of the puzzle and when they are correct an autorun/parrellel process runs the effect.

2. I thought this was already possible (didn't check yet...)

3. I would like to see a universal screen like the i-pad and other things it's 1 screen but you can touch(in this case click) on an object and something will happen(mostly used for Guis....) but using these for pokedex scrolling/battles/pokegear it could be better(in terms of features, I really hate using the D-pad in the hand-held games for typing my name/ other processes that may take a while(1 minutes+) excluding battles though...)
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