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Nevermind! Found it!
I'll share the link with everyone once it gets uploaded, okay?
Edit: It's uploading into my Dropbox right now. There will be an additional file I will include; an Extras folder, that will include more resources, and Platinum sprites! Look forward to it very soon .

Dewitty,, Nintendo, Chocosrawloid, Kymotonian, milomilotic11, and Neo-Spriteman. For the Neo-Spriteman's Resource Pack in there, if you use it. If you use the 160A sprites, give credit to Give credit to Aeonos and Mastermind_X.

And here's what you've been waiting for; 4th Gen Matt's Pokemon Resource Pack! Note: Give credit to these people:
RM2k3Kid - D/P Character Sets
Aeonos and Mastermind_X - Platinum Sprites and Arceus forms.
The Ghoul - R/S Music - FR/LG Music - G/S Music - Colosseum Music
Ava - XD Music
PoKeMaKeR - For being cool and pointing me in the right direction for some music downloads.

Now, here's the link, but you will be able to use it one condition: You give credit to the people I told you to give credit to!

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