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Guys, you can't compare Volcarona to Garchomp. Garchomp got banned because of Sand Veil BS and not because of its sweeping prowess. I'd rather face a +2 Chomp than a +2/+2/+2 Volcarona, since for one thing Chomp can be revenged killed easier since it isn't boosting its speed, and Garchomp's STAB isn't powered up by weather, so much so that it can beat "counters" like Gyara [albeit it can use Sand Veil to hax its way past counters, but that's unrelated]. Anyways, I'm on the fence about Volcarona, but some of Eternal's sentiments actually make me lead towards it being uber.

Jellicent - The typing and access to taunt and toxic
Bliss + Chans - can toxic / t-wave, crippling the moth, and also takes hit all day.
ChestoRest Volcarona can usually beat the latter in sun and can probably beat Jelli too since most run no SpD EVs. Plus, using Toxic on Jellicent opens it up to a bunch of other mons, such as Ferro and Ttar, so you're essentially compromising the ability to have a good matchup against a ton of mons to get a good matchup against one.

Originally Posted by Eternal
Dragonite is so underwhelming its ridiculous. Non EQ-Versions are usually stalled out by Toxic Heatran, Tangrowth destroys Bulky DD, as does Taunt Gliscor if they have Dragon Claw. Toxic in general beats it if you can get past lum. Dragonite is easily phazed and unlike Volcarona, many Dragonite users don't carry a spinner to get rid of SR. Quag straight up beats it if it doesn't crit and full offensive versions end up losing to stuff like Hippowdon or Skarm. CB Nite is probably the best set since it can 2HKO stuff that Bulky DD wouldn't be able to get through which can allow you to rip holes in a team effectively.

Originally Posted by Eternal
Tangrowth almost always beats it with Giga Drain and can take a +2 CC, Scizor can revenge easily, as can any Scarfer with SE STAB. Gliscor and Hippowdon beat non-balloon versions. Quagsire wins 1 on 1.

Also, not losing the weather war isn't as easy as "Don't let Ttar [or Tran if you rely on that to beat sun] get beaten by Dugtrio". Dugtrio essentially scares them into not switching in, allowing sun to reign free as if you didn't even have a TTar on your team. Ttar doesn't want to switch in on Infernape or any of the grass type sun abusers, so any smart opponent will probably know when its safe for you to get TTar in, since the opportunities are few and far between. Sure, Volc has counters in Gyarados, Blissey and Dragonite, but sun allows it to pretty much bypass the first two, and HP Ground can let it beat Heatran [although using ChestoRest along with Duggy is generally more effective], so you're pretty much limited to something like SPDef Stone Edge Dnite or a Scarfer.

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