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Originally Posted by wilso View Post
well i only have 4 pokes atm but im going to add lanturn when i get chace so yer anyway heres my team just beat 6th gym btw

lvl 62 feraligatr 59 maganium 62 camerupt and 54 pidgeot i need to train him a bit =P

EDIT: why does may have a dragonite O.o
sounds like you could use a fighting/ghost/psychic type. Mt Pyre might be awesome for you. I dunno why but i can see you adding a tyranitar and a gengar to that team.

I'm slacking behind but in retrospect I'm making leaps and bounds. I'm at the 6th gym and still underleveled by about ten levels each pokemon but I've added new pokemon to my roster and trained them from incredibly low levels since last gym/post.

Pikachu the Blaziken- lvl 51
Pikachu the Gardevoir- lvl 49
Pikachu the Swellow- lvl 51
and introducing
Pikachu the Swampert- lvl 46 ((raised from lvl 10))
Pikachu the Flygon- lvl 46 ((raised from lvl 24))
and the recently caught Pikachu the Gloom- lvl 47

Where can I get a Sunstone? I want bellossom to finish this identity confused family of mine.
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