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Thanks. I'm a bit surprised you liked this chapter, considering I remember you disliking chapter 29 a bit for being quite smoochy.

True. I removed that part on my comment for the previous chapter.
I didn't feel like bringing it up again...
Though their little 'smooching' made me smile, considering they'll be having little Eevees sooner or later... xD

Anyway, another great re-read.


...the path ran over a ridge of about a metre wide, a very steep slope downwards on both sides...
...with a depth on both sides, it became clear just how high they were, and how flat they'd be if they fell.

I'd rather roll back down to where I came from... =/


“Anyway,” she told, “I think I've figured out why I can't fly any more.”
“It's because of the thin-”
“Mountain gnomes must have tied their invisible tangerines to my feet, and they're weighing me down now.”
“air, in which- what?!”


--- giving me the same headache as trying to read 5 words per second on Elesa's speeches... x,x


"..Anyway: Selene is acting weird.”
Octa raised both eyebrows. “You don't say? My dear fellow, I do thank you for this information. I suppose the next ray of enlightenment you wish to extend upon my humble ears shall be to inform me the Sun is quite a warm place?”

lol I laughed so hard at Octa's way of sarcasm... xD


Octa loves Toxica. o.o
Now I really wish she turned into a Bellossom, so at least she could look a bit lovely, but meh.


Boreas laughed. He realised how weird this was.

Yes, it really is, especially in real-life situations... It left my mouth wide open in weirdness. xD


I love Boreas' and Octa's friendship.
Reading about it makes me miss my own bestfriend.

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