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The Right Path
Cheesy title subject to change
Platform- RMXP

I need people nice enough to play my demo and tell me what they think. It does NOT use the Pokemon Essentials base. You do NOT play a trainer catching Pokemon. (There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not what I wanted to do). There are no humans in this. It's a completely original story, where you play as Pokemon. I am fairly new to this and I need your feedback. Please take a moment to play my game. I really need your help to know if I'm on the right track. I've been a bit discouraged lately and need to know what people really think. If anyone can play it to the end of the demo (about 2 hours), I'd be very happy! Your honest opinion is needed.

Arceus, the god of all Pokemon, has ordered all legendary Pokemon to find and destroy Mewtwo. Arceus does not agree with the existence of the so-called "strongest Pokemon alive", he believes that only HE can create Pokemon. Mew, who is responsible for Mewtwo's creation must also be punished. As Articuno and his friends, you must obey the Lord's commands, but is it really the right thing to do?

Articuno - Your nice guy main character. He does not agree with Arceus.
Zapdos - Articuno's quick-tempered best friend.
Moltres - Sarcastic and somewhat lazy.
Entei, Suicune and Raikou - Trash-talking rivals of the birds
Wooper - Dim-witted little guy.

Screen Shots

- Original artwork during certain introductions
-Night_Runner's VX Window_BattleStatus for ENU's SBS


Click me. Link on mediafire.
Included is the font DraftSSK which you need to install to display text.

Additional Information
1/5 maybe?

Gameplay Time
About 2 hours

Known Errors
You need to get very close to people to talk to them. I think this is due to the size of the sprites.
Title screen and game over screen are still placeholder.
Please mention if you see anything strange or bugs or errors etc.
Is the game too hard?

Sprites from Spriters Resource
Art by me, Sapphire Luna
Scripts authors and people who helped:
Enu, Atoa, Kylock, Night_Runner, Blizzard, Ccoa

Demo is over after you've gone through the swamp.
Be honest. Is my game boring? How can I make it better? Are the battles too hard? Is it a chore to play? How can I improve? Your help is appreciated!
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