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I've rarely seen seen any major post-story quest in a Pokemon game that couldn't be completed within the actual main storyline itself. Dragging out the player's adventure beyond becoming the most powerful trainer in the region just makes me think that the hack creator was unable to think through their story's pacing beforehand. I'm not saying that new areas or people can't be accessed after the Elite 4 (I encourage that), but by that point in the game I find it hard to justify that any more story-related events should take place.

Think about it, by the time you had beaten the E4 in FR/LG Team Rocket had decayed into virtually nothing, there was no fire or drive to keep you interested in completing the post-game story and only led to them going out with a whimper. B/W on the other hand, they tied up their main story nicely by dealing with Team Plasma and N at the Pokemon League with a huge crescendo and then let the player explore the end-game content to their heart's content with no mandatory post-E4 storyline meddling.
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