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Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
TBH, i thought Hydreigon was poison. Not kyurem though. He's not really fit being a poison type.

@Sector: I thought also of that, but how would they design it? A microscopic germ/bacteria/virus seems pretty hard to conceptualize.
How did they come up with the gooey stuff? LOL

I have no idea, they came up with this ugly Heatran looking fella, they could come up with a germ if they worked on it I'm sure.

Hydreigon as Poison? He looks perfectly Dark to me haha

Honestly? I think the way the typing are, Poison is by far the underrated of them all. Right next to Ice. Rarely ever see anyone use Poison type Pokemon or use it for that reason. (Like Vensaur, advantage-using Grass type, Gengar advantage-using Ghost type, etc)