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Aren't we all Supervegeta? I do hope life calms down for you though, busy days just suck. It seems like everyone has been a bit busy recently.

On the topic of being busy, I regret to inform you all that I will be quite busy this weekend. My dad is giving a sermon to a church in Duluth this Saturday, so I get to drive him there for "experience" in driving. Yeah, right. He is just being lazy if you ask me though. So three hours there, three hours back. Then I am going snowboarding on Sunday, that is, if they still have snow. I am looking at my lawn outside and am seeing grass. Its February! In Minnesota! Something is wrong with this picture!

@Supervegeta Not really related to anything on topic, but the thread says that you are still Co-GMing with Wymsical. Have you just not changed it? Or are you just hoping he comes back? Just wondering...

Also, I have decided to not create a second character, mostly because I was given an invitation to another RP. Three characters is quite enough for the meantime, thank you very much. Also I have another idea in the works for a roleplay I might do......Foreshadowing for the win!
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