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Originally Posted by G-Six View Post
hey guys,

pretty dumb question maybe but, where can I get support for a little bigger problem? :S I have a Scripting problem and have to post a few files to get help. But I don't quite know where to post it ^_^'

If it's a scripting problem then you should post in the Script Help Thread. Just write a reply with your script in it and the chances are that somebody will be able to help. Uploading files generally isn't necessary to get your problem solved :)

Originally Posted by mysteryme View Post
I am busy with my fire red hack, and I am always testing it. I made it up to gym 2. it all worked perfect. I just edited some trainers on the next route but when i try to launch the game in vba, it only gives me a white screen! the game won't load. my previous demo (till mt.moon) is working perfect, but my new beta just gives me a white screen.

what could it be?
If you're encountering a never ending white screen then you have most likely overwritten or corrupted important data while you were editing your ROM. It is next to impossible to recover from this so the best/ easiest thing to do is to start work from your most recent working file and reinsert all of your newer improvements. Be sure to use safe offsets and back up your files regularly to prevent this from happening again!
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