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Quote originally posted by fortwaffles:
@Tsukimaru ... and everyone else I guess. SSEQ's fail to play correctly when the tempo is higher than 240. I've done a ton of stuff with the sseq format... including hacking them into the actual official cartridge.
How would you put them in an official cartridge?
Quote originally posted by droomph:
I noticed that VGMTrans exports the SSEQs to their respective General MIDI sounds. Does MIDI2SSEQ do the same, but in reverse?

(I'm asking because FL Studio doesn't quite work for me with MIDIs)
Pretty much, yes. It just takes what's there for MIDI code and converts it into the SSEQ format that the DS can understand. VGMTrans does the opposite- converting SSEQ code into MIDI code.
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