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Confirmation is "the perfection of baptism". Basically it's reaffirming your faith. Once you're in, your in. Here.

Basically you're baptised as a baby. When you are a teenager you Confirm your baptism with others in your class. It's a simple rite that basically says, "Yep I believe and am ready to be treated like an adult Catholic!" I was 15 for my Confirmation. Once confirmed you are part of the Catholic registry.

Yes, I can walk away and act like it never happened. But according to the RCC, I'm still a member. I still am supposed to give my 10%, and I still receive mail and alerts and stuff from the church. I am still counted as a full Catholic and am added toward the total number of Catholics in the world.

I want it to be one less. I don't want to be a registered Catholic. I want my "Saint's Name" removed from the records. To do that I have to be excommunicated. Which is near impossible when my damn local archbishop won't do a thing about it. I've emailed him, and even went to the Cathedral. He keeps ignoring me. And he's the only person that can start the process.