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Shadoan closed his notebook, looking over at Jack. "My name is Shadoan Tribil and Ill form an alliance with you as long as we can find one more person to come along with us." He slips his notebook into the fanny pack behind his waist as he shook hands with Jack. The two boys stepped out into town as few of the trainers were charging out into the forest to get out of the signals range to released their pokemon. "If you have any money, we need to pool it to buy supplies. Food and water, we should also head back to the hotel to gather information on the vendors caravan. If they are located out there in the region, they must be using large pokemon to carry their wares, some trainers who were able to wake up early may have seen them head out. If so, we should hunt them down for the free survival guide and some medicine for emergencies..." He stops for a moment to think and chuckles.

"Sorry, Im getting ahead of myself.... That is something I would plan to do first, this is a battle royal, but were also suppose to survive in this region... Do you have any suggestions of what we should do? And any suggestion who are 3rd member should be?"
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