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Jack Davis

Alright, he had at least one person he could count on. He still didn't know that much about Shadoan or what kind of team he was running, but still it was better to have a group than trying to go at this alone. Just from what he was seeing now Shadoan seemed to be a guy that knew his stuff. He was going on about water and food and supplies, obviously he had been here before or at least was a guy that prioritized his tasks. Eventually he brought up the issue of having a third member. Jack shrugged, "Do we even need a third member? I'm pretty sure both of us are talented trainers, we wouldn't be here if we weren't. Between the two of us we should have enough pokemon to keep us safe."

He looked out and saw other trainers already dispersing in groups, some were in groups with at least five trainers. He sighed, "Well, I suppose you are right. I'm not really sure who we could-"

Another guy walked up, ''May I be the 3rd member?''

Well, that was lucky. "I don't have a problem with that, do you Shadoan?"
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