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As mentioned above, the argument that Volcarona should be banned because the rest of your team can clear its checks is rather silly; that's no different than the also silly "if x is gone y sweeps" argument.

The counter argument to Volcarona's hazard+phazing trouble is a what-of scenario by using Wobuffett and Arena Trap Dugtrio. That not only applies what I said in the last paragraph, you're just stating reasons why Wobuffett and Dugtrio are broken...

The difference between Volcarona and Ho-oh is that not only is Volcarona weak to Stealth Rocks, but it's also weak to spikes and toxic spikes. If Volcarona switches into SR and 3 layers of spikes, that's 75% of its health gone, MUCH more significant than with Ho-oh.

To people still using "what-if" scenarios involving Rapid Spinner support...use a ghost pokemon on your team or phaze where it's impossible for them to switch into said Rapid Spinner.

More counter to Volcarona, esp. with hazard support, are priority moves and Choice Scarf users, as priority outspeeds Volcarona despite any Quiver Dance boosts, and most Choice Scarf users can outspeed Volcarona after 1 Quiver Dance. I'll use Choice Band Azumarill and Choice Scarf Terrakion as examples.

252Atk Terrakion (+Atk) Stone Edge vs 252HP/0Def Volcarona (Neutral): 272% - 320% (1020 - 1200 HP). Guaranteed OHKO. Scarfed Adamant set can outspeed +1 Timid Volcarona.

252Atk Choice Band Huge Power Azumarill (+Atk) Aqua Jet vs 252HP/0Def Volcarona (Neutral): 90% - 107% (338 - 402 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. 43% chance to OHKO.
252Atk Choice Band Huge Power Azumarill (+Atk) Aqua Jet vs 0HP/0Def Volcarona (Neutral): 108% - 129% (338 - 402 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.
252Atk Choice Band Huge Power Azumarill (+Atk) Aqua Jet in Sun vs 0HP/0Def Volcarona (Neutral): 54% - 65% (170 - 204 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. Will 1HKO with SR up.
252Atk Choice Band Huge Power Azumarill (+Atk) Aqua Jet in Sun vs 252HP/0Def Volcarona (Neutral): 45% - 54% (170 - 204 HP). Guaranteed 3HKO. 14% chance to 2HKO. Has a chance of 1HKO'ing with SR and guaranteed 1HKO with SR+1 layer of spikes.

Basically in order to beat Volcarona, like any other sweeper, don't let it set up on you and you'll be fine.

While there are candidates that deserve to be Uber, Volcarona is not one of them.