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"A third member would be somewhat critical. Put this into perspective, the league is a large battle between all trainers so there is no organization at this point. Meaning we would have to put up with and fight any of the trainers participating which can happen at any given time. We also need to take into account the pokemon here in the region. The old man stated the pokemon here can be territorial, if true, that also means they could also be hostile and attack trainers before he or she can have a chance to even respond." He takes a deep breath and sighs as he checks his watch to see when the signal would stop broadcasting, 3 hours until 12. "I am also considering a 3rd member for a better chance of survival. If it were two of us and one of us were badly thrashed, then we would be slowing the healthy member down in an attempt to move each other to safety or provide decent cover. If the one of us needed assistance in moving, it would be hard to traverse terrain while making the attempt to defend each other, I mean, who knows. Your pokemon for example could all be exhausted after a heated battle while defending ourselves and you could fracture an arm or leg. The same factor goes for me if I am in the same situation."

"On account of a 3rd member, one can defend, one can help assist or heal and the injured can focus on healing. If worse comes to worse where 2 of us are injured, we can at least use whatever remains of the healthy pokemon to setup a small camp in an attempt to heal what we can so we can make our way back to town..." He paused a moment to look at Jack and he sighed. "....My dad use to take me on camping trips... He would always go on about things like this so I could be ready when I took my pokemon journey-"

Jay approached the 2.
''May I be the 3rd member?''

Jack "I don't have a problem with that, do you Shadoan?"

Shadoan pauses for a moment and slightly smiles "No I don't... Alright." He points outside to the poke-mart. "First stop, food and supplies, then next stop, where ever those vendors are... We can share our pokemon team line-up when were out of the broadcasting signals range."
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