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Helena Andersson - Stockholm, Sweden

"The magazine should be on the back seat somewhere. Push it in the handgrip and then-" Atticus swerved around another corner as a bullet hit the top mirror, "-then pull the top part back and then it's loaded. So don't shoot yourself. It's as easy as the movies! Goddamnit!!" Another bullet hit the side of Atticus' chair, grazing against his arm.

"Atticus! Are you ok?" Helena immediately said. But he didn't seem to be worse than her. And she was ok. She glanced at the seat beside her. A magazine lay there. So that was what they looked like. She picked it up and took the pistol, shoving the magazine into the handgrip and pulled the top part back like Atticus had instructed. It clicked. So that was it?

Atticus just mashed a button on the dashboard and the screen lit up, initiating a call. Helena peeked over his shoulder to see. "Annie!! There are some people following us and we are in deep doo-doo here. Some assistance would be appreciated, please!" he called out to it, in English.

Another Atlantean? From his organization... whatever it was called now again. He had a panicked conversation with the lady named Annie on the other side and it sounded like they were talking about some other people. While Atticus was focused on the screen, Helena looked back through the now non-existing rear window. The black SUV was still following them. The gun was firmly held in her hand. This was all... a bit surreal.

"Are you okay, Helena?" Atticus called back to her in Swedish. "Did you load that gun okay? I'm sorry this is a really bad first impression but I promise that usually, it's all way better than this." If he turned around to look at her even briefly, he didn't see her. She had turned invisible again, and the gun in her hand was invisible too.

She focused, and then looked up from the seat, raising the invisible gun and pointing it at the car behind them. No other car was in the street now. That was probably for the best, she had no idea of how bad or good her aim would be. Another bullet whined past them but didn't hit the car. They couldn't see her. She was invisible. She had to focus on that. She was invisible. But still, she had to shift her focus slightly, to aim... And fire.
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