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@Kiklion: You are going to have to change your ability since we already have a Hydrokinetic in the roleplay. Your Atlantean Tattoo is fine, but it should be black in colour, just a minor edit there. Otherwise you Sign Up is looking great, I can't wait to see it finished.

@Aura Rift: Atlantean Tattoos do not glow when the user uses it, and you's interesting, but we already have an important character that will come in later on with and ability that is quite similar. The final thing is that your writing style is quite different to the one we use in the roleplay. Overall, I am going to have to decline your Sign Up.

@The Final Watchman: Looking good.

@Everyone: I am creating a list of abilities that are already in use, it won't contain all of the ones we have planned to come since they would ruin it, but it will contain ones that have been revealed in the Roleplay. For the time being, it will just have to be a hit and miss thing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here's a quick one:
A List of Atlantean Abilities

Atlantean Armour (Growth Armour) – Oakley North
Botanokinesis (Plant Manipulation) – Rose Oak
Dendrokinesis (Wood Manipulation) – Justin Oak
Electrokinesis (Electricity Manipulation) – Leon Nef
Hallucinogenic Saliva – Carmilla Romanos (deceased)
Hydrokinesis (Water Manipulation) – River Beleren
Increased Brain Activity – Annie Falkner
Intangibility – Natalya Zaytsev
Invisibility – Helena Andersson
Optikinesis (Multi-Vision/ Vision Manipulation) – Michael Cale
Property Osmosis – Alexander Gaile
PyroAura – Ludmilla Caruso (deceased)
Pyrokinesis (Fire Manipulation) – Blayze Nalaar
Redirection – Joshua Meier
Smoke Mimicry/Manipulation – Christian Calaway
Tail Appendage – Atticus Forsberg
Technokinesis (Electronic Equipment Manipulation) – Nikolai Afon
Teleportation – Jeremy Kyle
Thought Projection – Daniel Cain
Vectokinesis (Vector Manipulation) – Cira Gaile

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