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Originally Posted by Porygon Z View Post
Can you tell me (within spoiler tags) what do you find in the S.S. Anne? I've found the ticket in the final dungeon, but I couldn't get to the ship 'cause it left...
Surf to the truck, and you will find a CoronetStone in back.

Originally Posted by tanaris33
There are only some trainers... Pokemon are level 60-70 and that's all...

But how did you get 50 level to your whole team in an half day?

Did I miss something after the Rijon league and the S.S Anne? Me I defeated all trainer in SS Anne and the boat is still here...
Umm..... No the SS Anne isn't in the port. I think you are referring to the original release of Brown. In the new release, the SS Anne is gone in favor of the new dungeon (which is REALLY hard).
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