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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
This gave me the shivers... x,x

I toned down the original description I had Zeph give a bit, remembering how some people thought Capella's death was too graphic.

It must suck for a pokémon if they evolved into something they didn't want to evolve in. There's no way to turn evolution back, after all.

But uh...Black isn't really working on the PokéDex no more, huh?
Not really, no. Much like every other protagonist in every other pokémon story, manga, and anime, he doesn't really work on the pokédex challenge. While it's a cool challenge in-game, it just doesn't work as a story.

Strangely, the only POKéMON he only 'caught' from the 'wild' is Lucius, while the others, 'cept for Octa, joined him on their will. =/ (no idea about Selene though)
Not that it's a bad thing, but Black now has two fire-types.
Aw well...
He also has two grass types and two dark types. Black's team is more based on pokémon I like than on what is very powerful in-game.

lol xD

Heh, apparently Octa isn't quite comfortable using the word 'love' in conjection with his friendship with Boreas.

No action, but it's not bad.

Keep at it~
There will be enough action soon enough.

Chapter Fifty-Two: The Calm Before the Storm
Boreas was beginning to think teaching Aqua chess had been a big mistake. He had figured that since she was now allowed and able to move her upper body, though her rear legs were still firmly paralysed, teaching her the game would keep her from getting too bored. She had turned out to be a natural, already beating him though he'd thought her only three days ago. At least, that was what it looked like at this moment. Boreas was not very good at chess himself, lacking the patience to plan his moves out in advance. When he played with Octa, the Servine usually managed to beat him. But losing to someone with three days of experience would be a bit sad.
Yet that was what it looked like right now. He had lost a knight and a bishop quite early, but then things had calmed down for a while. But then, during a big exchange of pawns, Aqua had managed to land her rook on the second row, right between Boreas' pieces. And there seemed nothing he could do about it; the powerful black piece just sat there between his white pieces while he was at a big disadvantage with less material.
“Give up yet?” Aqua grinned. “You know I'm going to beat you.”
“Nonsense,” Boreas stammered. “I can still win this!” Things were dire, though, with Aqua's rook right in the middle of his pieces, while his queen was caught up on the side of the board, holding off an attack.
Aqua chuckled as he made his move and she took one of his pawns. “I like this game.”
“What, my darling Aqua liking something humans made?” Boreas teased as he attacked the enemy rook in his ranks, forcing it to retreat. “What has the world come to?”
Aqua quickly retreated her endangered rook, but she still had a great advantage. “Just because I don't like humans doesn't mean I have to hate everything they made. I like this game, just like I like the fact that they can heal my back. I just don't like them.”
Boreas couldn't resist pursuing this, while it was clear he was losing more and more, losing several pieces rapidly. “You know, if Team Plasma succeeds in separating humans and pokémon, pokémon won't get to have these benefits of living with humans any more. No more chess; no more medicine. To say nothing of friendship and all the other reasons pokémon stay with humans.”
“But neither will they have to be pushed around by human taskmasters or have their freedom taken away by captors. You're a lucky one, Boreas, to have found a trainer who is friendly to you, but many pokémon are not so lucky to have found an exception. Most humans are horrid. Look at the ones who murdered Lothario. Look at the humans who pollute nature and let their cities expand endlessly. Look at all the humans who think only of money and power and will do anything to get more, even at the cost of lives. Look, even, at Team Plasma's seven Sages. Good humans are the exception.”
The game was really going bad for Boreas. His pieces were heavily outnumbered, and he was attacked from all sides. It would not be long now before his king would be checkmated. “You're wrong, Aqua. The good humans aren't the exception; the evil ones are. Yes, there are truly despicable humans; villains and egotists and horrid self-centred money-lovers, but most of them are not like that. Most of them are kind and basically decent people.”
“I wish I could share your faith in them, but I don't. That's why I'm going back to Team Plasma after I heal. I hope you understand.”
Boreas looked into her eyes. “I didn't expect otherwise. Though it would be great fun, being on the same side for a while. We could spend every day together...”
Aqua giggled. “We already are spending every day together now, love.”
“Yeah,” Boreas winked, “but with your back broken and people walking in and out of the room all the time we have to play chess instead of games that are more fun.”
Giggling, Aqua moved a pawn, getting very close to checkmate now. “It's a good thing you're better at those games than at chess, my love.”
But Boreas saw she'd made a mistake that allowed him a single possibility of a surprising victory. With a grin, he took Aqua's rook with his own rook. Next turn, he sacrificed it to let him checkmate her king. “Checkmate,” he declared with a grin.

Toxica entered her guest bedroom. She closed the door, let herself fall onto the soft, warm bed and finally dropped the mask she'd hidden behind all day. The tears of rage and betrayal that had stung behind her eyes every time she had seen Octa laugh at something Aurora said, or when he had looked at her finally streamed over her face. She sobbed in the mattress, furious at everyone in the mansion, including herself.
How could she have ever been so arrogant to think she'd stand a chance with Octa? She was nothing compared to Aurora. Aurora was so incredibly graceful and elegant and beautiful; her every movement and word made it obvious Toxica was nothing next to her. While she had never considered herself anywhere near ugly, it seemed as if the very essence of beauty and grace had been caught in Aurora, as if a clear, starlit night with all five moons out at once had turned into a single gorgeous creature. While she realised deep inside that these thoughts were perhaps a little overdramatic, she thought with a sob that Aurora wasn't merely beautiful, it was more like every single beautiful thing in the universe was a pale reflection of Aurora Invicta. And to make matters worse, she was a shiny pokémon. Toxica had heard of the alternatively-coloured shiny pokémon, of course, but never actually seen one; only one in eight-thousand pokémon was shiny, after all. It made Aurora even more special: a gorgeous, elegant, shiny Servine of highly noble blood. By contrast, Toxica was just some Vileplume. Toxica would bet anything Aurora had never cried in despair like this, nor would she ever need to.
Toxica was certain she was going to lose Octa now. Aurora was just too perfect. Even aside from her incredible beauty and elegance, she was very friendly and charming and nice, and so much more. Everyone, especially Octa, had taken such a great liking to her. Even Toxica begrudgingly had to admit that if it wasn't for the enormous jealousy she felt against the gorgeous Servine, she would probably like her a lot as well. Octa's family was clearly enamoured with the idea of having Aurora as their daughter-in-law, while most of them merely tolerated Toxica's presence because she was Octa's friend.
Hah, “friend” indeed, she thought bitterly. I want nothing more to do with 'im. I've had it. He knew what was going to 'appen when we got here, that's why he was so nervous all the time. He deliberately took me with him so I could see the moment when I lost him forever with my own eyes! Evil, smug bastard, I hate him!
She heard a soft knock on the door and startled, realising her eyes were red and swollen from the crying and tears still streamed down her face. “J-just a moment!” she said, trying to keep her voice from breaking. She wiped the tears away from her eyes and adjusted her flower in such a way that it obscured her eyes from whoever was going to come through the door, as she sat down on the bed. “E-enter!”
The door opened and she saw the underside of an elegant blue serpentine body. “I came here to apologise to you,” a beautiful voice said.
Toxica looked up in surprise, seeing the gorgeous, sapphire Aurora stand in the door. Then she remembered herself and looked down again to hide her red, teary eyes. “I-I don't know what for, milady,” she sobbed, cursing herself for how much it sounded like she was crying.
Aurora ignored her words. “I realise how much Octa must mean to you. He told me you have travelled together for over a year.”
“What more did he tell you?!” Toxica snarled angrily.
“Nothing pertaining to your emotions, I can assure you. But they were not difficult to infer from your behaviour. Since you evidently feel very strongly for him, I feel I must apologise for taking him away from you.”
Toxica really had to hold herself back from using powerful poison attacks on Aurora. She looked into Aurora's eyes like two emeralds, seething with anger and not caring about protocol or courtesy any more. “Oh, you apologise; that's great. You're gonna marry the love of my life, but it's alright, as you apologised to me!”
Aurora's expression remained fairly neutral. “This is not my choice. It is quite simply the tradition of out houses; even a rule, one might say. However, on occasion rules have been breached. Since you evidently feel so strongly for Octa, I shan't be offended if he chooses to reciprocate your feelings and choose you instead of me, In which case I shall consent to have the plans for our union be suspended.”
Toxica wished Aurora wouldn't be so compassionate and friendly to her. It would be so much simpler if she could just treat her horribly and she could hate her gorgeous guts in return. With a shock, she realised Aurora was actually doing her a favour, and now she had to thank her greatest enemy. “Thank. You,” she spat. “Not that it will matter a pair of dingo's kidneys anyway; there's no way he'll choose me over someone as perfect as you.”
“I disagree. He seemed to talk quite a lot about you today and glanced at you several times, which both seem clear signs of romantic interest to me. 'Tis clear to me he is quite attracted to you; he merely needs to decide whether his priority lies in his duty to his family or his enamouration towards you.”
“Nice try,” grimaced Toxica, “but his eyes were glued to yours all the time. He fancied me before, but after meeting you he doesn't any more, and I almost can't blame him. Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but it's not gonna work.”
“I am truly sorry to hear that,” said Aurora as she left the room. “Know, though, that, should Octa decide he will defy his family's decision, I will not object and shall endeavour to convince my own family not to either.” With a courteous, elegant gesture she left the room and closed the door.
Now Toxica was just confused. She tried to hate Aurora again, but after she had pledged her support if Octa chose for her, she found that hard. She was pretty angry with the Servine for being so nice to her, though. She groaned in annoyance. Why had Octa taken her here anyway? That thought really made her furious. Why kind of jerk tells a girl he likes her, and then takes her to see his bloody perfect new mate? What kind of horrible person would do that? Toxica trembled in anger. First he had toyed with her feelings for a year, and now this? She got up and walked out of her door. She was going to tell that horrible smug bastard just what she thought of that. She was going to tell him this was not how you treated a girl. She was going to tell him she hated him and wanted nothing more to do with him, and then she would leave and take the train back to Icirrus, where she had real friends.
She walked through the dark corridors of the impressive mansion to Octa's room. She burst open the door. “I'm gonna talk to you and I'm gonna do it right now!” she yelled.
Octa lay in his bed and shot up straight with a start when she entered. “What in the name of- Toxica, are you out of your mind?! You cannot be here, my family shall-”
“To hell with your family!” Toxica shouted as she closed the door behind her and walked to the feet end of Octa's bed. “You're gonna talk to me, or I'm gonna poison you!”
“What the devil has gotten into you?!” asked Octa angrily.
“Jealousy, perhaps!” yelled Toxica. “Tell me, did you know your family was gonna get you your mate?”
Octa looked at her angrily from his bed. Toxica saw only now that there were several portraits depicting Octa and his family on the walls, at least the bits that weren't covered in filled bookcases. “Yes, I did. But I-”
“And yet,” spat Toxica, “you took me here. You knew how I felt about you! You even told me you fancied me as well! And then you take me with you so I can watch you being lost to me forever!”
“Please,” Octa whispered sharply,“keep your voice down, or my family will hear!”
If she kept her voice down, she couldn't have the satisfaction of yelling at Octa. So she had a better idea: she jumped onto the bed angrily, making Octa yelp as she landed on top of him, so she could talk normally yet feel like she was shouting at him because they were so close by it sounded like it.
“Are you insane?” whispered Octa angrily. “What will anyone entering the room think?!”
“I don't care!” said Toxica, her face close to Octa's in anger. “All I want to know is what you were thinking, bringing me along to this! Do you have any idea idea how painful this is to me?!”
Octa searched for words under her. “I... Well, that is... I... I am not quite sure why I asked you to accompany me, to be quite frank. I had originally asked Boreas, but he refused as he needed to stay with his beloved.”
“So you decided to have some fun breakin' my 'eart instead?!” Toxica yelled.
“Keep. It. Down,” hissed Octa as he pushed her flower up so he could better talk to her face. “I did not do it intentionally!”
“Oh no, I'm sure it was an accident! Tell me the truth, or taste Poisonpowder!”
“Yes, it was an accident! After Boreas declined, I tried to think of someone else to accompany me, but the truth is there was no-one suitable, so I decided to go by myself! But when I talked to you to say goodbye, the invitation to join me just slipped out of my mouth without thinking! I could not retract it, therefore I took you with me, though I knew it'd be horrible for you!”
Toxica furiously pressed her face closer to his. “Don't lie to me, you smug bastard! I know you don't do things like that! You are not a spontaneous person; you always think things over before you do them!”
“Not always!” hissed Octa angrily. “I may generally be a thoughtful person, but on occasion I do spontaneous things! And they usually turn out to be mistakes!”
“No, you don't! You never do that!”
“Yes, I do!” Octa hissed as he suddenly thrust his face forward and kissed her. Toxica meeped in surprise as their lips found each other slightly awkwardly due to her flower and his snout being slightly in the way. She was torn between anger and love, but returned the kiss as they both collapsed into a lying position while continuing to smooch. The flames of rage that burned inside Toxica confusedly warmed her with love now as well.
As they broke apart, they stared at each other for a while, Toxica still lying on top of Octa. She had no idea what to do now. On the one hand she felt like punching him, on the other hand she felt like kissing him again, on another hand she felt like shouting some more at him, on yet another hand she felt like getting up and leaving the room, and on one more hand she felt like asking him what the hell he was thinking, kissing her after treating her so horribly. Things are really bad when your mind thinks you've got five hands... she thought.
To break the awkward moment, she lowered her head, turning it to avoid Octa's pointy snout more easily, and kissed him again. For a moment all was well as they relished in the kiss, then they stopped.
“There was another reason, besides spontaneousness, that I invited you here,” Octa whispered. “I wished you would protest when my family disclosed the reason they had invited me to return...”
“But... If you wanted me to protest, why didn't you do that yourself?”
“It... I am ashamed to admit this, but 'tis very hard to make my wishes clear to my family... It would have been so much easier if you had protested and I could simply express my agreement... You must understand, 'tis very difficult to oppose centuries of tradition when one's own family wishes one to follow it...”
Toxica had never seen Octa look so vulnerable as he lay under her and admitted his feelings. While that reasoning possibly made her even angrier than the thought that he had invited her along out of malice, she couldn't resist giving him a quick kiss again, hungry for the taste of his lips. “You wanted me to bite the bullet for you... You placed the responsibility with me! That's so spineless, I thought you were braver than that! I've seen you fight terrifying opponents and continue in the face of certain death, but your own family's reaction scares you?”
Octa nodded with a blush, probably out of a plethora of different emotions, like the blush Toxica now had. “I love them more than anything. Because of that, they can hurt me more than anything... If choosing for you meant losing their love... I would have to choose for Aurora, no matter what. I am truly sorry for that... Please, Toxica... Go now... I-I need to think. I need to decide upon my choice... I need to be alone...”
Toxica nodded, gave him another quick kiss, though she had to resist the urge to bite or punch him in anger, and got off the bed. “Aurora just visited me,” she said, trying to keep her voice as neutral as possible though a tornado of emotions raged through her. “She realised how we feel about each other and gave you her blessing if you wished to break with your family's wishes.”
“That is very considerate of her,” said Octa. “But I do not believe it shall affect my decision. Good night, Toxica, and please let us pretend this conversation never took place until I make my decision.”
Toxica left the room, feeling even more confused than before. She was even more angry with Octa for treating her the way he had, and still continued to do, and part of her wanted to go back inside and yell at him some more or even to hurt him. Yet another part of her was having trouble even standing, realising she had just snogged Octa; several times even. She giggled and blushed like a seedling as she thought about it. She had certainly liked the taste of him, and that part of her really wanted to go back inside and kiss him some more. Another part of her wanted nothing to do with anything and most wanted to go back to her room and get some sleep before she went completely nuts. And there were dozens more parts of her, each wanting different things and feeling differently. She felt as if her mind had been blown to smithereens and inexpertly glued back together, yet still obviously being more of a collection of parts than a single whole. She sighed as she walked back to her room, dozens of emotions and thoughts raging through her. It wouldn't be easy to get to sleep tonight.

Boreas stayed with Aqua for much of the time, which was easy as Black's room was in the pokécenter; except at night, when the hospital wards were closed to visitors. Yet he wasn't always with her; this evening, Boreas was wandering outside, restless from staying in a single place for so long. The White mountains were all around Icirrus, and Boreas really wanted to climb them and to see what was on the other side. But he couldn't go and explore because Aqua needed him and because news of the Light Stone could appear at any moment, requiring immediate action.
He sighed as he looked at the Sun setting behind the mountains, annoyed that he had to stay in Icirrus. He couldn't even help with the war at the moment, because they didn't know any of Team Plasma's bases of operation so the trainers could only defend. And they were not doing a very good job at that either.
Boreas heard rustling noises like something flying clumsily and a poking stab in his shoulder as Selene landed there. “Hi, Boreas. Do you ever miss Capella?”
Boreas was taken aback by the sudden personal question. “Um... Yes, quite often. I miss her friendship and her wisdom a lot.” he shivered as the horrific sight of her corpse came back to him, trying to put it out of his mind.
“Me too... She was a very green person. Inside, I mean.”
“I'm... Sure she was,” Boreas said, trying to shake off the terrifying image of how she had actually looked quite red inside.
Selene sighed. “I liked her burial, though. Octa said some things that I think were the right things to say, and Black dug her grave well. And then he scratched her name into a big stone in big, angular letters... It felt so final once the stone said 'Capella,' didn't it?”
Boreas nodded. “It did... That day was the beginning of the worst time of my life... We lost a great friend that day...” a thoughtful silence fell for a while.
“You've gotten a lot heavier since evolving,” Boreas remarked as his shoulder was beginning to feel tired.
He heard someone dragging his feet as he walked, looked behind him and saw Zeph. “Zeph!” he called as he caught up to his brother, Selene still tiring his shoulder with her increased weight.
Zeph startled slightly, but cheerfully greeted him once he recognised his brother. “Boreas, I didn't expect to see you here! I thought you'd be in the pokécenter, caring for that cutie Vaporeon who's been swallowing my nephews and nieces!”
Boreas' frown contrasted Zeph's broad grin. “Classy, Zeph. I'll slap you if you ever make that joke again.”
Zeph guffawed. “Okay, okay, I'm sorry. You look just like Dad when he scolded us for being bad right now, y'know.”
Boreas couldn't resist cracking a smile as he teased Zeph. “Well, now I know what he must've felt like; it's not easy having to raise someone as immature as you.”
“I'm not immature, you're immature!” said Zeph, sticking his tongue out.
Boreas rolled his eyes and decided to talk about something else. “Where were you anyway?”
“When?” asked Zeph, innocently.
“You know what I mean,” Boreas pressed.
“I have no idea.”
“Were were you most of the afternoon? In fact, most of most afternoons. You always disappear somewhere, and I'm going to follow you there if you don't tell me where it is.”
Zeph shrugged. “I don't know what you mean.”
Boreas grinned slyly. “Yes you do... And come to think of it, I think I do too... I don't imagine you had much time to spend with girls while you were travelling through Unova to find me?”
“I guess,” said Zeph, pretending he had no idea where Boreas was going with the question.
“Yet you are as old as me, though you may act like a cub. And we both know that with age come certain desires. So all I have left to ask is: who's the lucky girl?”
“Uh,” said Zeph, a blush under his fur making his cheeks appear slightly redder than normal, “I suppose Aqua is quite a lucky girl, for having the luck that I caught up to you at just the right moment to save her life. Other than that, I can't really think of any particularly lucky girls.”
Boreas grinned. “Fine, keep your secret; I'm sure she's lovely, strange though her taste may be.” Boreas would go on teasing his brother, but the way he was dragging his feet over the ground was really getting on his nerves. “By the way, could you quit shuffling and lift up your feet when you walk? The sound is pretty annoying.”
Grateful for the chance to talk about something else, Zeph latched on to this new conversational direction, though he kept dragging his feet over the ground. “Why? I like walking like this.”
“Because you're going to grate your feet off, by the sound of it,” said Boreas.
Zeph shrugged. “It hasn't happened yet, and I've walked across Unova like this.”
“Fine, walk however you like, but if you do grate off your feet you'd better hope your Audino-friend Aesclepius can heal them like he did with your throat. Hey, that reminds me: I chatted with the nurse's Audino and mentioned how you had survived the Zangeese attacking, and he was very impressed. He said he'd never even heard of an Audino managing to heal an injury as severe as that outside of a pokécenter, and that you'd be dead if it had been him who had found you.”
“Oh?” Zeph was surprised. “I didn't realise it was that impressive. But then, Aesclepius is very skilled.”
Boreas nodded. “He sounded very impressed. I guess I'm really lucky for such skilled medics like him and Nurse Ebola, or I'd have lost both you and Aqua and I'd be all alone and very, very depressed now.”
I'd still be here,” said Selene. “You wouldn't be all alone.”
“Well, that's right. But you're just a friend, not my brother or my girlfriend.” Boreas had an idea. “Hey, Zeph. Do you think you could persuade Aesclepius to join the war on our side? We could really use someone with his skill if we ever meet a Sage again.”
Zeph thought for a while. “No; it seems impossible. He is very old, Boreas; he might be dead by now for all I know. He's certainly not going to come with us and travel to all sides of Unova to fight. Besides, he's not that fond of trainers catching pokémon. He's probably not interested in taking sides in this war.”
They entered the pokécenter and soon ran into Black, who had packed his bags. “Boreas, Selene, Zephyrus, finally! We have to go right now! Lenora knows where we can find the Light Stone!”

Boreas entered Aqua's room, feeling ashamed of what he was about to do. How could he break his promise to her? Yet he had to; this was too important for him to stay here. “A-Aqua?” he asked.
Aqua smiled happily as she saw him. “Boreas, my- what's wrong?”
“Well...” Boreas said, avoiding eye contact. “Lenora has discovered where the Light Stone holding Reshiram is... We need to travel to Nacrene so she can tell us, as X-transceiver conversations could be monitored by Team Plasma, and it's very important they don't find the stone before us... And when she tells us where it is, we'll... go there to find it... So as much as it pains me, I have to leave. I know I promised you not to leave you, but this is incredibly important...”
Aqua was silent for a while. “You say this is incredibly important,” she said in flat tones, “but am I not incredibly important to you as well? I need you here by my side, Boreas! You can't leave me with the humans-” she stopped herself and took a few deep breaths. “I'm sorry. That's... very unfair of me. I understand. You need to go. I only wish I wouldn't have to stay here alone with all these humans...”
Boreas felt very bad for leaving her, but really admired that she was willing to let him go, meaning she'd be confronted with her two greatest fears at once: loneliness and humans. Boreas walked to her bed, softly stroked her ears, and gave her a lengthy farewell kiss. “Thank you, my brave Aqua... I'm so sorry for this.”
Aqua looked into his eyes and said: “Don't die and make me regret not keeping you to your promise.”
“I'm not planning to,” said Boreas. “By the way, I'll get Black to call the pokécenter every day so we can talk.”

Days had passed without Octa making a decision. Toxica wished he'd hurry up so she could either kiss him some more or get furious at him and leave to go back to the team. They had not said a single word about the sudden smooching several days before, but a clear tension was present whenever both were in the same room. While Octa's family seemed to be making sure Octa and Aurora spent as much time together as possible, it seemed to Toxica that Octa was at least not continuing to deepen their relationship right now, and fortunately Aurora seemed content to wait.
But Toxica had even more pressing concerns than Octa's heart now. Octa's siblings Livia and Marcus Aurelius, who had been scouting the rough plains around the mansion, returned with alarming news: they had spotted a big attack by Team Plasma, led by two Sages. From their descriptions, Octa and Toxica recognised Rood, the Dutch fire-type master who Octa had battled on Route 3, near where she had met him a few weeks later; and Zinzolin, the French poison-type master who they had both battled in his company's large cold storage facility in Driftveil. While Crimson breeders bred other pokémon as well, the Equinox line of Serperiors was by far the most numerous and powerful of them, and it seemed Team Plasma had specifically chosen Sages they'd have a hard time fighting. Toxica wished she wasn't a grass-type as well; being a ground-type would be really useful now.
Most of the Equinoctes were discussing their strategy together; while Lord Publius Cornelius had the last word as the family's leader, many others disagreed with him about the specific strategy. Octa's older brother Gaius, who was - unlike his three siblings - already a Serperior, was especially vocal in his idea to build a wooden palisade around the mansion. Toxica had only met him a few days ago, and she found little to like about him, while she was reasonably close to all three of his siblings. But Gaius seemed to treat her with contempt rivalled only by Galaxia.
They were discussing their strategy when one of the humans running Crimson breeders suddenly showed up at the mansion. It was rare that the humans came here, but in this case it was to hand his X-transceiver to Octa. Toxica looked along with him, and saw Black on the little screen.
“Octa, Toxica,” he said. “Lenora knows where we can find the Light Stone. Vacation is over; you need to come to Nacrene immediately, we'll meet you there.”
“I'm sorry, old chap,” said Octa, “but I can not. My family is about to be attacked by Team Plasma and I will help them defend. Toxica might join you however.”
“No way!” said Toxica. “I'm staying right here!”
“Oh, good,” said Black, clearly not understanding a word of it as usual. “I'll see you in Nacrene, then.”
“No,” Octa spoke slowly, as if it would help Black understand better. “We – are – staying – here.”
Black smiled. “Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing you again too.”
“In the name of-” Octa exclaimed. “NO.”
“Look, we have to hurry to catch the train to Nacrene, so- what's wrong, Boreas. Hey, let go! Give it back!” Boreas had swiped the X-transceiver from Black's hands and now his somewhat triangular face was in the screen.
“Sorry for that,” he said.
“My dear fellow,” Octa beamed. “'Tis very good to see you again. We shan't join you yet; Team Plasma is attacking my ancestral home and my family needs our help defending.”
“I'll try to make that clear to Black. Good luck.”
“Thank you.” Octa looked at Toxica. “I apologise, but there is something I need to discuss with Boreas alone.”
“There is?” asked Boreas.
Toxica stood up. “Okay, I get the message,” she said as she walked away and left Octa in private.
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