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Hanso had a second to think, Oh, snap! before the Overheat flooded the area. He staggered back a couple paces, enduring the intense heat as best as he could. Hanso sensed that his copies were now gone. Likely that was the main goal of this heat. It wasn't particularly damaging, at least in the Gold Tribe warrior's case, but it still shifted his attention--

Hanso abruptly looked back up, now seeing Shadow Balls flying his way. Easier to dodge and slice through than to teleport, at the moment. Hanso was able to dodge a few of the Shadow Balls, while two struck him and pushed him back. He realized that this was the biggest danger to him in fighting Ignitus; if a few more hit, then Hanso would likely be out of commission for a while. The Gallade sliced through the last Shadow Ball, only to find thick poison coming right at him.

There wasn't even time to think anything at all as Hanso desperately tried to spin to the left. Not enough; his right forearm was covered with the toxic poison, immediately going to work. Hanso looked up as he heard something approaching. A Bastiodon was staggering closer, probably reeling from the Overheat. Hanso didn't care from what. He dashed over and struck the Ancient down before using its head-shield to quickly scrape off the poison that remained on his arm.

Once that was done, Hanso briefly rubbed his afflicted arm before whacking the Bastiodon again, frustrated. It didn't hurt so much at the moment, but he knew that the poison would take its toll over time, so long as it remained in his system. From the looks of the poison, Hanso suspected that it was worse than the average poison. He turned back to face Ignitus, who was spraying fire at... Hanso turned to look and found that Calamity, the Absol, was nearby. At least help is here, he thought. When's that Future Sight gonna hit? It was a strange feature of the attack: Hanso couldn't fire off a second one before the first hit.

His bracer was beginning to feel heavy. That was the one downside to it: enough fatigue, or poison, could make it weigh down more. Hanso's arm-blades glowed a bright purple, and he fired off several Psycho Cuts at Ignitus, their strength fueled by his own strength and will and frustration. There were several things Hanso could have said about Ignitus during those moments. After firing off the last Psycho Cut, Hanso extended his mind to find that of Calamity. After making mental contact on the surface, enough to send a telepathic message, Hanso relayed to the Absol, Watch out for poison. Don't expect me to stick around for too long.

With that out of the way, Hanso then created several illusionary copies of himself and charged with them, arm-blades still glowing purple, at Ignitus. The copies wouldn't do any damage at all, they were just distractions. Hanso didn't expect Ignitus to be able to discern the real from the fakes in the seconds she had.