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Atticus Forsberg - Stockholm, Sweden

Atticus heard a bang from the back seat, only to see the car behind's tyre burst. A gunshot? That must have been Helena, as she flicked in and out of visibility. Atticus counted his stars as the next few blocks of intersections went miraculously green, just as they began to gain distance between them and the car. He thought they could outrun them, that they finally had a chance. That was until the car was rear-ended by a semi trailer and spun out of control, swerving off into traffic. Atticus wasn't sure if they survived the crash or not, but didn't stop to check it out. He sped ahead through the green lights, watching to the left and right as Stockholm became a complete mess. Cars stopped everywhere and a small crash at the intersection they passed, it was a little sad to see, but he couldn't think about it too long. He had to get Helena to safety.

"Annie, what was that?" Atticus said in English to his dashboard.

"Some help, courtesy of Nikolai Afon. Say spasibo!"

"Uh," spasibo? What did that even mean? Was that Russian? "spasibo?"

"Good. Now, head towards your GPS location. Should be the closest airport. We'll meet you there, okay? Cool!" and with that, the call cut out. What did she mean by "we'll"? Geez, Annie was a confusing girl. It didn't help when Atticus wasn't that great with his brain and she was practically a genius. He gave a heavy sigh, slowing down with the traffic as it flowed back into normality. That was way too much excitement for one day. He nodded, his music now on the last song. It would have been way cooler if that was up full boar while in that chase. Maybe.

"Thanks so much, Helena," Atticus smiled at his rear view mirror, trying to find Helena in it. "You did really great, really really great. Thankfully, we can breathe for now and get on a really nice plane and kind of rest for a little, y'know? We'll be at the airport in..." he glanced at the GPS, "about ten or twenty. Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?" Because if she was hurt, that was definitely first priority. Other than not dying.

Natalia Zaytsev - Somewhere over Europe

"Good. Now, head towards your GPS location. Should be the closest airport. We'll meet you there, okay? Cool!" Annie tapped a key on her keyboard, closing the call off. What a close call indeed. Natalia looked at Afon as he slumped into the chair, closing his eyes in exhaustion. She felt a little bad for doubting him, but she had her reasons. Look at him now! He was utterly exhausted. What would happen if he pushed himself too far? Did it mean death? Afon had only had his power for just over a week. He wasn't an expert and Natalia knew she couldn't dependant on him in every situation. He needed to learn first. And that's where they were going now.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Natalia bent down to her knees, placing a hand on Afon's forehead. He was a little hot, perhaps a little feverish. Did opening his mind to a computer open his body to other things? Was this a side effect, or just exhaustion? Another reason why getting to AUP base was a better idea than being in the air for so long. "Do you need anything, water, food?"

"We'll be arriving at the Stockholm-Bromma Airport in approximately ten minutes," Cooper's voice came over the plane once again. "I'd advise you buckle up until we safely land."
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