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I've made 23 more sprites, including the replacement for Mew: MarineAngemon, a possible replacement for one of the fossils(Dome/Helix):Anomalocarimon, the Mega form of Palmon(although it needs work because it's very "grainy"), and I've begun adding the digivolution route for Diaboromon(Kuramon, Tsumemon, Keramon, etc.) which I plan to use in the story line with Devimon. I'll be updating the OP soon with a summary of what I'll be doing with the Devimon story line and I'll also be adding a list of Digimon that I WON'T be adding to the game, all of which I very much regret having to cut. I'm now past the 100 mark, and getting close to 150. Once I've gone over 150, I'll put a hold on adding sprites and devote all time to stats and moves so that I can release the Digivolution Beta for the public.
I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasing the first full-fledged Digimon hack of Pokemon Fire Red. We're getting close to the first release so come check it out in the Progressing hacks, and see how you can help us with the project.