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Welcome to the Mono-Color Challenge! Here you will attempt to beat a game using Pokémon of the same color.

I am not the first one to come up with this. Also, I did use some of Spades Slick's formatting, so credit for that goes to her.


1. You may only use Pokémon of a certain color, according to the Pokédex.
  1. Shinys are perfectly fine, as long as either their original form or their shiny form are of the said color.
  2. You can use a previous form of a Pokémon even if it doesn't fit the color criteria as long as its evolution does, AND you evolve it as soon as possible.
  3. Legendaries ARE ALLOWED! However, there are conditions:
    • You can only use legendaries that have a BST of under 600.
    • You can only have one on your team.
    • You cannot use it until you have 7 badges.
    The list of obtainable legendaries:
    • Kanto: Legendary Birds
    • Johto: Legendary Beasts, and in HGSS, the Legendary Birds
    • Hoenn: Legendary Golems
    • Sinnoh: Lake Guardians
    • Unova: Legendary Musketeers, as well as Thundurus or Tornadus.
    • Kalos: None
2. The challenge is complete when the credits roll for the first time, EXCEPT:
  • In Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, where you must defeat Red on Mount Silver.
3. Hacking/trading is allowed ONLY IF:
  1. You cannot legally get your first Pokémon before the second gym. You may then hack or trade in ONE egg/low level Pokémon that occurs naturally in your game.
  2. An evolution requires it.
    • If you are playing on GSC, you may hack in a single Leaf, Water, and/or Fire stone once you have reached Ecruteak City. Only one of each if you need different ones.
    • HG/SS does not apply for this rule, as you can more easily get stones either by Pokégear or the Pokéathlon.
  3. You may also hack/trade in ONE Pokémon of your color that is not available before the end of your selected game as long as it is part of your game's regional Pokédex. This allows you to play with Pokemon that would normally be exclusive to a different game in your region (i.e. Mismagius and Honchkrow in Diamond and Pearl, respectively, as well as Platinum), as well as other Pokemon that are only available after the challenge is complete (list is below).
    • It must not be higher in level than your weakest Pokemon in your team at the time, or be an egg (the preferred option by far).
    • If you are using an emulator, the Pokemon should definitely be in an egg, unless you are playing Generation I, in which case you may hack it in, as long as it is lower in level than your weakest team member.
    • List of non- version exclusive Pokemon that qualify, by region:
      Kanto: None
      Johto: None
      Hoenn: Beldum line
      Sinnoh: None
      Unova (B2W2 only): Archen line, Tirtouga line, Tympole line, Munna line, Durant, Heatmor, Cryogonal, Stunfisk, Larvitar line, Croagunk line, Carnivine, Tropius, Yanma line, Lickitung line, Igglybuff line, Slakoth line, and the Corphish line.
      Kalos: None
4. You must have a minimum of three Elite Four-viable team members, UNLESS:
  1. You are playing Generation I (or its remakes), in which case a minimum of two is fine.
  2. You cannot legally obtain that amount in the game you are playing.
  3. For those playing on GSC/HGSS, if you cannot get three team members before going to Kanto, two can be used.
Going with more than three is encouraged, however.

5. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have some special rules pertaining to certain game mechanics:
  1. Pokémon-Amie and Exp. Share cannot be used. The only exception to this rule is for evolving Eevee into Sylveon.
  2. Mega Evolutions are permitted, but only Mega Evolutions that start off as your color and stay within the original color scheme after evolving are allowed.
    • As of Gen VI, the only Mega Evolution that is banned is Mega Charizard X in a Red Monocolor.
6. An ULTIMATE Challenge consists of completing a game in each region with one color. There is no need to go in order.
  • For now, only regions from the first 5 generations are required for Ultimate Challenges, although Kalos region games will eventually be required.
  • Although main series games are highly encouraged, hacks that are in the same region AND follow the same story will count towards an Ultimate Challenge:
    • Examples include hacks such as FireRed Omega, Shiny Gold, Expert Emerald, Storm Silver, and Blaze Black.
  • However, you can ONLY use Pokémon that appear in the regional Pokédex, even if you are playing a 386/493/649 hack, otherwise it will not count towards an Ultimate Challenge.
    • This will help keep the spirit of the Ultimate challenge in place, especially when compared to people who play the main series games.
7. If you can post a screenshot of either the Hall of Fame or the final battle in your game, that is highly encouraged, especially if you are using an emulator. It is not required, though.

8. Above all, HAVE FUN! That's why we are here.

The Color List

The link with the color list can be found here.

How to Sign Up

Sign-up format:
Here's my sign-up:

Username: Jdthebud
Color: White
Game(s): Blue, Crystal, Ruby, Platinum, White
Ultimate: Yes


Here are some userbars for you to use in your signature, if you so desire:


I will only be posting Champions, as it makes it a lot easier to keep track.
Once you finish a challenge, I will post your name followed by the game underneath the corresponding color.
Myrrhman (Red, Crystal); Ramsie (Red); InfernoRogue (Crystal); Huggermugger (FireRed, SoulSilver, Emerald, Platinum, Black 2); munchhack (Red, Crystal, Ruby); Buzz Buzz (FireRed, Platinum); LMFAO. Word up. (FireRed); LilJz1234 (FireRed); kirax7 (FireRed); Chevitle (FireRed, Crystal, Ruby, Platinum, White 2); jdthebud (FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum, White 2); GucciMeme (Yet Another FireRed Hack); Stargazer [aka Crackle] (FireRed, Ruby, Y); HeatedFenniken (FireRed, Gold, Sapphire, Platinum)
Myrrhman (Blue, Silver); -ty- (Blue, Silver); Tman109ner (Red, Silver, Sapphire); Jak [aka Sydian] (Ruby); atie (Yet Another FireRed Hack); LMFAO. Word up. (FireRed, Gold, Emerald); LilJz1234 (FireRed); Chevitile (Blue, SoulSilver, Emerald, Platinum, Black); Ramsie (LeafGreen); nitemate (Ruby); LiteSandwich (Expert Emerald); GryphusHUN (Red, Crystal); jdthebud (FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald); River Ramirez (Emerald)
InfernoRogue (LeafGreen, Gold, Emerald, Platinum, White); Myrrhman (Blue, Gold, Emerald); SmashMaster24 (Red, Gold, Sapphire, Platinum); Chevitile (LeafGreen, HeartGold, Emerald, Pearl, White 2); LilJz1234 (FireRed); WeightyWillBill (Red); jdthebud (FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum, White 2); AoTora (Sapphire, FireRed Omega)
Myrrhman (Blue); Glow Worm's Not Glowing (Blue); viccuh (LeafGreen, Silver, Sapphire); Chevitile (LeafGreen, Silver, Sapphire, Platinum, Black); Tman109ner (Blue); TrollShammy80 (Blue); Dr. Slavic (Red); BlueShellBeast (Blue, Silver); jdthebud (LeafGreen, HeartGold, Sapphire, Platinum, White 2); PekoponTAS (FireRed); LilJz (Gold); AoTora (Sapphire); O'aka XXIII (Crystal)
InfernoRogue (FireRed, Crystal, Sapphire); punkrocker419 (Blue); Myrrhman (Red, Silver); vaporeon7 (Red); Punnagg (Silver); Huggermugger (FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald); Chevitle (Blue, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black)
Myrrhman (Blue); Chevitile (Blue, Gold, Emerald, Platinum, White); jdthebud (LeafGreen, Hard Gold, Emerald, Platinum, White)
Myrrhman (Blue, Gold, Ruby, Platinum); Huggermugger (FireRed, SoulSilver, Ruby, Platinum, Black); jdthebud (FireRed, SoulSilver, Ruby, Platinum, Black 2); KoboraX (Pearl); Aryan143 (Yellow, Crystal, Ruby); Chevitile (LeafGreen, Silver, Ruby, Diamond, Black 2)
Chevitile (FireRed, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Black); Myrrhman (Blue); jdthebud (FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum, White 2)
Itz Spadezz (Red); Myrrhman (Blue); jdthebud (Yellow, Crystal, Sapphire, Pearl, White); wikso (Crystal, Emerald); Chevitile (FireRed, Crystal, Sapphire, Pearl, White 2)
jdthebud (Blue, Crystal, Ruby, Platinum, White); Myrrhman (Blue); Chevitile (Red, Gold, Ruby, Platinum, White)

And here are your Ultimate Champions!
jdthebud - White, Gray, Brown, Pink, Black, Green, Yellow, Red
InfernoRogue - Green
Chevitile - Black, Pink, Yellow, White, Green, Gray, Brown, Blue, Purple, Red (All colors done!)
Huggermugger - Brown, Red

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