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Ah yes, nothing like the Gym leader from hell... But like her or not, Lona is what makes Solaceon interesting. If you don't believe me, wait till we get to the battle chapters.

Y'know, maybe if Bertha had a regular GYM and, I dunno, dedicated OVERNIGHT ACCOMODATIONS, she wouldn't have to rush trainers along. being a bit hard on her, perhaps?
Lona has her own reasons for her mentality... you'll learn more in the upcoming chapters. This isn't the last Bertha-Lona dialogue you'll get to see, and it's one of the more restrained ones.

Though one thing keeps concerning me. If the league has such a budget shortfall, why don't they cut back on the hotels. Sure, trainers need a place to stay, but the league's providing Sheraton levels of accomodations when all trainers need are basic, Red Roof Inn type lodging. Even Lisa would normally stay at more modest Sleep Inn and Quality Inn type places.
I won't answer that question right now because it'll reveal a big thing I'm planning... but I'll give you one hint: Exactly.

Stay tuned for more... and find out how everyone manages to survive, if at all. :P Thanks for the review, LeSabre!

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