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Ignitus tried to dodge the bolt of lightning streaking towards her, and was quite unsuccesful at it. The thunder hit her and blasted her a few feet backwards, making her land on her back, and skidding a few feet. By quite a stroke of luck, the thunder attack had actually pushed her just out of the way of another round of psyco cuts coming from the gallade. Ignitus quickly rolled onto her feet again and pushed herself up, only to fall to her knees again, a future sight attack dealing a painful blow. By the time that she got to her feet once again, the absol had joined the battle, and the gallade had used double team once again and multiple gallades were charging towards her, coming in for an attack.

It was too fast and too well executed of an attack to dodge, and there was no time for another overheat. Ignitus would have to try her luck in finding the right one this time, before the right one found her. She used a flame charge, aiming towards one, only to pass right through it. The illusion dissapitated as if it was only thin air to begin with. Spinning quickly, she used flamethrower to try to score a collateral on two other Gallades, but she had guessed wrong again, as the two fakes disappeared into nonexistance. Just as the two fakes vanished, the real Gallade struck her in the side with his bracer, tinged purple with poison, throwing her a few feet, leaving her with a nasty bruise on her side.

Ignitus noticed that so far, the absol had stayed out of the battle for the most part. Probably because he did not know which Gallade was real either, and he would not want to hurt another Gold Tribe member. Perhaps she could use this somehow, use their own attacks against them. It would be risky, but if she could manuever herself and them correctly, she might be able to get some of the ranged attacks to strike each other instead of her.

She quickly rolled to her feet once more, prepared to put her plan into action. Now that all the illusion Gallades were gone, Ignitus could see that the real one was still trying to attack her, and the absol seemed to be chargin in as well. When the Gallade tried to take a swipe at her, she rolled under the attack past the Gallade and then quickly turned and launched some more shadow balls while the pokemon's back was turned. Not having time to see if the attack hit, she turned 180 degrees towards the absol, and launched a flame thrower to drive the absol back some more and give her a little more breathing room. Now she kept both opponents in her peripheral vision, one on each side of her. Now she waited for their moves...
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