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Okay, put in a brand new poem that isn't quite in my usual style. I was going for something that still had a meaning but was a little more obscure as opposed to how straightforward my poems usually are. :3 It's called "Diabetic Cappuccino", and it's near the bottom of the first post. I'll repost it here for teh lazy though:

My mother's ex-boyfriend was a murderer.
Cigar-smelling Frump
And "I'm dry", I'm dry.
They found the backdoor in the back of the store.
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo.

My mother's boy-exfriend murd a waserer.
They owned fake fireplaces but not faux fur.
Debtors depend on creditors
and creditors rent out apartments
above prostitutes and husbands in Closets.

My mother's was-boymurd ex a frienderer.
Time to take your leave when Playboys are
littered from Georgetown to the Holland Tunnel.
Wolves wear itchy wool suits and lipstick
And deny child support.

What's the difference between
insulin and heroin?

Theme * Pair * VM * PM

Not all men...

Are all men stupid?

That's right.

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