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Leon Nef- Syndicate Headquarters, Birmingham, England

Leon followed Joshua through the control room, where they would proceed through there and back into the training room. Before they went in, however, Leon decided to get an extra boost of energy. Sticking a hand up at one of the computers a scientist sat at, he absorbed the electrical power of the device, leaving it disfunctional and shut down. The scientist looked up a Leon, but before he could say anything, Leon merely shrugged his shoulders and gave the man a grin, and proceeded with Joshua down to the training room. He imagined that the scientist didn't try anything for one of two reasons. One, he was ordered not to, or two, he was afraid.

Leon and Joshua arrived in the training room, where Joshua stood facing Leon. The next part of the training began.

“Now I want you to try splitting the energy inside yourself before firing it back out again. This will be extremely helpful when you have two or more targets; like now for instance,”

Joshua pointed at a set of targets. Leon took a glance down at his hands, then back up at Joshua.

"You will need to break the electricity inside you, coagulating the two new forms of electricity in each hand then firing one at each other.”

Leon had never attempted two sets of electricity in both hands. He wondered for a moment if he would be able to do. Leon shrugged, thinking the best way to see is to try. Joshua stood to the side, out of range, and Leon faced the two targets. He took a deep breath, positioned his legs apart, and closed his eyes. From the outside, it appeared as though nothing was happening, but inside his body, his electrical energy was stirring and beginning to move around. Leon felt as the energy moved from towards his arms. Leon opened his eyes, and stuck out his arms. Electricity flooded both of his arms, and slowly moved up to the palms of his hands. The electricity was more erratic and chaotic than it was before in one hand. Leon struggled as he tried to control it into a more physical form to be released as an attack. If he tried to do it while it was still reacting strangely, the attack would explode in his face. Leon appeared to be getting the two electrical energies to form, but suddenly they exploded in his arms, the energy bouncing around the room before erupting in all directions

"Porco dio! Merda! Che cazzo vuoi!?" Leon cursed in his Italian tongue, hanging on to his arms, which appeared to have suffered some minor damage from the eruption of energy. Leon walked it off for a moment, before returning to the position he was at before. He shaked his arms, then studied them for a moment. He seemed to be deep in thought, then spoke.

"Hang on, let me try it a different way..." Leon positioned himself once more. He let the electricity flow through him like before, but this time, he raised both of his arms pointing towards each other. The two sets of electricity combined much more easily, and steadied itself into a physical form. Then, slowly, Leon began pulling apart his hands, and in the process, move the singular, large electric attack into two smaller ones in both hands. He figured this would be much simpler than to form them separately. At least, for the time being.

The electric pulses of energy expanded in chaos for a moment at the point of extraction, but slowly subdued, and Leon successfully had a set of electric energy in both hands. Focusing the two energies to the tips of his index and middle fingers, he launched the two attacks simultaneously at the two targets. A familiar sensation of tingling in his nervous system on his hands was felt as the electricity left his body.

The two attacks for quick and precise, and hit the targets. Leon dropped his hands to his sides, and looked at Joshua.

"There's your f*****g two forms." Leon said, with a hint of arrogance, yet also displeasure in his voice.

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