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Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
Hey, sorry for not replying, but when I wasn't replying, I played my Yang/Yin White again, and hoping my save file won't disappear again. I just pwnt Cress using Pignite.
E: Just got Dragon Skull from Team Plasma.
My team( Post-Dragon Skull event)
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25 Palpitoad
It's quite okay...And no, I should be the one apologizing to you for taking forever to reply back.

Anyhoo, so you're playing Yin black/yang white now? Your save file was disappearing? How did that happened? LOL

Anyways, you've gotten far...But that games feels so incomplete to me. I mean, I made Ghetsis and Alder too easy. Also, I messed up on summa the Pokemon moveset. It just felt like I could do more for that game.

I'm gonna clean all this up, once I release another patch...Tho, I'm still grateful that you took the time to play it. ^w^

What happened to Neo Soulsilver? LOL I thought you were playing that...You still couldn't get the rom to started, could you.

Anyways, your teams good, but damn are you overleveled. How did you get a Pokemon on Level 31 before making it too Burgh's city? I could never do that. :D
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