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Quote originally posted by [Snivy Baroque]:
meh, I had a crappy 'coming out' to my parents :( and then they forgot it happened 'til they caught me E-dating, and they've forgot once again, and I don't feel like doing it again because I don't want to hear their bigotrist crap again >:(

Aww, I feel so bad for you...;___; When you can move out on your own, it'll get better. You will be better able to ignore their bigotrist crap, if you so choose. :3

Quote originally posted by Shining Raichu:
lmao yeah I get what you're saying. I find it fascinating to read about all the transgendered topics but I find it hard coming up with things to contribute!

That's why I just posted a quick thanks for all the info a while back. xD

Also, on the topic of coming out! xD My parents were completely shocked. Of course, they found out when I was 15, so I hadn't had as much time to have them wonder about lack of girlfriends and whatnot. :P What was funnier was when my brother found out, since I was 20 when he found out, was that he also never had a clue. He just figured I was socially awkward (which is still true, just, not relevant in this case. xD) So he sat there all like "Woah" and I just said "Lemme guess, you're thinking...IT ALL MAKES SENSE" and he just laughed and replied "YES IT DOES"