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Hey everyone. Hoping to get accepted into this thread. I spoke to Yellow about it and they let me know that all the student spots are currently taken, but I can make a teacher and have a student as my second character. So here goes, hopefully I've done everything okay. I wasn't sure if my pokemon were allowed to know all the moves that they do, but I read that all the moves they can learn could theoretically be taught to them via TM, so hopefully I haven't messed up. Anyway, here are my applications. Cheers!

Name: Malcolm West

Nickname: Mr. West

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Job: Advanced Pokemon Theory: Understanding Types, Interactions and Exceptional Strategy. This class is only for students who are acing their other written subjects.

Appearance: A middle aged man with a face lined and tired from years on the road as a Pokemon Trainer. His light brown hair has receeded and thinned slightly and his blue eyes give the impression of exhaustion. His clothing tends towards the professional but shabby creating the air of an absent minded professor. Standing at five foot eleven he doesn't slouch, but loves sinking low in chairs.

Personality: Malcolm West at almost all times gives the impression of desperately needing a vacation. Despite being prone to tiredness and overworking himself however he is a man who seems genuinely inspired and invigorated by pokemon, often speaking about them with great excitement. Generally upbeat, he becomes disheartened when discussing his attempted career as a Pokemon Trainer, and seems to have lost a great deal of his passion for battling - although he still enjoys watching battles and concocting strategies.

History: Malcolm West grew up primarily in a small family cabin on the outskirts of Pewter City with his parents. Malcolm's father was a notorious rock collector and history buff, who insisted on Malcolm having a strong academic base of knowledge. Generally resenting what many would consider a dull and uneventful life, Malcolm ran away from home at an early age - considering himself something of a wandering rebel. On his wanderings Malcolm encountered and befriended a wild Growlithe, and it wasn't long after this that he decided to become a Pokemon Trainer.

Malcolm spent over twenty years attempting to become a successful Trainer, and failed. Altough gifted with a great knowledge of pokemon and able to conjure up seemingly unbeatable strategies, his practical application of his knowledge just never seemed to take off. During his travels Malcolm had a son, Lincoln, who he took on the road with him at various stages throughout his life. After years of failing as a Trainer, Malcolm applied for a teaching position at the Gary Oak Pokemon Academy in the hopes that he may find more success and fulfillment there. Those who can't - teach.

Species: Arcanine (Male)
Nickname(Optional): Hermes
Personality: Hermes is unflinchingly loyal and inquisitive, and still up for a battle despite his years.
Lvl(Max 50):44
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): ExtremeSpeed, Bite, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Double Kick

Species: Vespiquen (Female)
Nickname: Gloria
Personality: Fussy and fastidious, Gloria has to have everything her way.
Lvl: 32
Moveset: Defend Order, Heal Order, Attack Order, Power Gem, Confuse Ray, Venoshock

Species: Lickitung (Female)
Nickname: Angel
Personality: Jealous and protective, Angel fawns over Malcolm and doesn't seem to like other people approaching him.
Lvl: 36
Moveset: Lick, Stomp, Power Whip, Flamethrower, Brick Break, Hyper Beam

Species: Chatot (Male)
Nickname: Lyric
Personality: Lyric enjoys getting Malcolm into mischief and thinks he could do with more fun in his life, but cares for him deeply.
Lvl: 29
Moveset: Chatter, Taunt, Mimic, Sing, Aerial Ace, Double Team


Name: Lincoln West

Nickname: Linc

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: Linc, only just falling into the age limit for the academy is one of the older students there. Accompanied with his impressive stature for his age of five foot nine and a muscular build, this would potentially make him intimidating to the other students if not for the fact that he otherwise looks so friendly. He has a broad, bright smile and his fathers blue eyes. He inherited his fathers light brown hair, but it has become sun bleached from his extensive time outdoors, which he keeps held back from his face by a pair of goggles he wears on his head. Linc gets a lot of grief for this "anime boy" look, but insists he has a reason.

Personality: Linc is an easygoing young man with a strong stubborn streak. He is friendly towards pretty much everyone he meets, but once he gets an impression of someone it tends to stick. He holds grudges and is slow to forgive, but when he finally does it seems to be completely. Linc is proud of everything his father managed to accomplish as a trainer, and becomes highly defensive of his father if he hears someone speaking ill of him. Their main point of contention is Linc's mother, of whom he knows almost nothing. Although Linc is a very active and determined young man, he can get sidetracked, possessing a strong sense of wanderlust, and is often too concerned with helping others over himself. Linc likes to think he always does the right thing, but can sometimes come across airheaded despite his intelligence.

History: Linc grew up largely on the road, travelling with his father who was a Pokemon Trainer at the time. Lincoln loved this lifestyle and it has turned him into a very active young man who loves to travel and explore. His relationship with his father has always been strong, but they often fall out over the issue of Lincoln's mother of whom Malcolm refuses to speak. At one point during their travels they had such a large fight over the issue as they passed through Pewter City that Lincoln ran away to his grandfathers cabin, where the two would often stay when they were near Pewter City. Malcolm found his son in the cabin, sitting with his grandfathers rock collection. Neither speak much of the conversation that followed, but they fight considerably less about Lincoln's mother now.

Lincoln, as a trainer himself, is determined to become a fantastic Rock-type specialist and is unusual in the fact that currently his only Pokemon are not only rock-types, but fossil pokemon. This currently gives Lincoln the unusual distinction of being a Fossil-type specialist.

Lincoln has come to the academy with his father, who secured a teaching position there, and is registered in the Raikou Dorm (as he has not performed the entrance exams, but has been accepted due to his fathers position.) Although he has a room in the dorms, he also has a room with his father.

Species: Shieldon (Male)
Nickname(Optional): Jackson
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): Jackson is an incredibly stubborn pokemon, very friendly to Lincoln but suspicious of strangers.
Lvl(Max 20): 13
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig.

Species: Tirtouga (Female)
Nickname: Bixi
Personality: Bixi is sensitive and concerned for Linc's wellbeing, often exasperated by his antics.
Lvl: 12
Moves: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense