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Originally Posted by TheHackster View Post
I'm still curious on how Markitus95 does the .mp3 hacking in his DS games. I did most of what was instructed. For example, I'm trying to insert a 1:14 long .mp3 file into a Pokémon White game. The filesize of the .swar seems to be larger than that of the previous one, by a lot (1.56 MB). Inserting that will result in either a drastically increased filesize (which causes a blackscreen) on the game, or it will delete as many .swar files as the file will need to fit the game's filesize (which mutes the song, perhaps for breaking the game's music system). I was thinking maybe compressing the .swar would work, but I'm not quite sure.

Also, I don't know what to do with the .sbnk. As for looping, is it the same method that is instructed here? And the .sseq, it has only has one track, which means it will be smaller. Is that normal? Tell me if I'm close.
You're correct. The SSEQ format is a generic tracked format, so it should work. As for filesize, Don't worry about it changing the size. SWAR and SWAV files are loaded on the fly from the SDAT, so even if the SDAT is 20 MB (Not that it would be) in size, it'd load properly. A good idea, though, is to take your rom, and unzip it using a DS rom decompresser, kinda like what PPRE does when you go to open a new Rom (Where it goes in the TMP directory). That way, you can just copy/paste in your new SDAT and zip it back up with no regards to the filesize.

And yes, the SSEQ would be smaller. It just instructs the DS to play certain samples with certain properties.

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