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Originally Posted by InfernoRogue View Post
Alrighty, just finished Purple on FireRed.

With this complete, I have completed these total:
Green (LeafGreen), Purple (FireRed), Green (Gold), Green (Emerald), Green (White) (I can link to screenshots/update posts and whatnot if you would like).
Unfortunately, since that event said that you finished after you beat the E4, Gold and White don't count, since you didn't beat Red or Alder. If you can find the save file and finish it, that will work, but if not, you're out of luck (which sucks for me too, since I did it on Gold, lol).

Although there was a lot of illegal hacking going on - *cough*Scyther in LeafGreen*cough* I'll let it go only for those who participated in the event.

So, for anyone else wanting to claim Green, link to your final update in the event thread, but only for these games: Green, LeafGreen, and Emerald.

By the way, Myrrhman, it looks like you can claim one, since it seems you did Emerald!

Inferno, no need for you to link to your posts.

...C'mon, let's get some more people in here...
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