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I finally finished fixing Battle Tower! I list here the codes alterations, more details you can find on wikia:

In PokeBattle_AI change the line "pbRegisterMove(index,i,false)" to "pbRegisterMove(index,i)"
In PokemonOrgBattle, change "return pbInProgress? && (challenge<0 || @currentChallenge==challenge)" to "return pbInProgress? && (challenge>0 || @currentChallenge==challenge)". In PokemonOrgBattleRules, after the first "def pbCancel" put "[email protected] if @oldParty!=nil".
In PokemonOrgBattleRules change the line "adj1=getTheirAdjustment(team2,team1)" to "adj2=getTheirAdjustment(team2,team1)"
In PokemonOrgBattleRules, after "if exp && team1[i].exp!=exp" put the line "team1[i].exp=exp", and after "if exp && team2[i].exp!=exp" put the line "team2[i].exp=exp"
In Show choices in Battle Tower event, put after the "Cancel" lines the "Exit Event Processing".
In PokemonOrgBattle, change "if challenge.wins==1" to "if challenge.decision==1"
In PokemonOrgBattle change line "pbBattleChallenge.setParty(ret)" to "pbBattleChallenge.setParty(ret) if ret!=nil"
In PokemonScreen change line "[email protected](_INTL("Do what with {1}?",,commands)" (the first one) to "[email protected](_INTL("Do what with {1}?",,commands) if pkmn!=nil"
The error of the Battle Tower results event won't display results occurs because of battle tower split for "Level 50" and "Open level", put this event isn't updated. Change the '(0)' on event script to '("towersingle")' to display single level 50 results or to '("towersingleopen")' to display single open level results. To double records change '(1)' on event script to '("towerdouble")' to display double level 50 results or to '("towerdoubleopen")' to display double open level results.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
If the player is given a move route in an event, they can hold shift/the button for running and run during those movement events, which looks kind of silly and feels unintentional.
I have noticed this even in Poccil versions. Any fix?
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