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ooo a SSB club, I love that game.
How Did You Start Playing Super Smash Bros.?
I haven't played the old ones but I played Brawl at a friend's house and really liked it so I got it for myself.
What Are Your Thoughts/Opinions About It?
It's great fun.
What Characters and Strategies do you use whilst playing?
well my best characters are Bowser, King Dedede, Pikachu (don't spam), Ivysaur and Charizard (not so much Squirtle) and Meta Knight. So a real mixed bag. Don't really have strategies, I just know my character's moves and when is best to use them.
What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming out?
woo-hoo. Please make the story clearer though...
Which Characters would you like to see in SSB4?
Well I'm not going to lie here. I know very little of the franchises beyond Mario, Pokemon and Sonic. Know a little bit of Zelda but other then that I'm lost. Would love to see Bowser jr. as a form of 'Bowser light' and if Jigglypuff makes the game then Meowth must be in this one. If they're going to include more Sonic characters then it should be either Tails or Eggman himself.

my Kanto poison team

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