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Update #2 on Crystal.
  • After I got Surf and beat Morty, I picked up Vincent the Smeargle.
  • Went to Mahagony and beat up Team Rocket for the Whirlpool HM.
  • Caught Sailor the Seel in the Whirl Islands, and my team was complete after Ace and Sailor evolved.
  • Beat the rest of the gyms and the Elite Four to become Champion of Johto. Sailor was the clear MVP of the E4.
  • Sailing to Kanto now.

Elite Four:

Champion Lance:

Team White:

Vincent the Smeargle, ♂ - L44 @ Magnet
Body Slam, Sleep Powder, ViceGrip, Thunderbolt

Ace the Togetic, ♂ - L43 @ Pink Bow
Fly, Double-Edge, Shadow Ball, Metronome

Carl the Butterfree, ♂ - L43 @ Amulet Coin
Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Hidden Power (Water), Gust

Sailor the Dewgong, ♂ - L46 @ NeverMeltIce
Surf, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Return

HM Slaves:
Totodile - Cut, Surf, Whirlpool
Psyduck - Dig, Flash, Strength, Waterfall
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