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"Otto" - Florence, Italy

Instead of punching him, she held the father's face in her hands and inspected it, pushing on his cheeks and lips to feel the metal texture he had absorbed into his face. It was so queer, feeling part of his face that was hard as a rock, but seeing it as flesh. It was just as he had described it. She let go of his face and looked into his face, unphased by the fact she had invaded the privacy of a man she had just met. What other substances could this man make his body. Liquid? Gas? Water? Lava? Ice? Of course, he had to be touching the substance for his power to take effect, so substances like fire were out of the question. But still, it was all too intriguing.

"And yours?" she said, looking to the boy? She already knew his power. She just wanted to see it first up. "If you show me yours, I will show you mine."

Her power was her second favourite thing about herself, other than her self inflicted and Atlantean tattoos. She always felt unique whenever she thought of her ink. As if her hair and clothing wasn't enough.

Natalia Zaytsev - Stockholm, Sweden

"Sure," Natalia followed him out. Not because she did not trust him enough to know that he would run away, no, but because Natalia needed the walk as well. On the plane had been the first time she had slept so well in a long time, since before she was given Afon to study. Her nights had always been long, either searching for potential candidates with Annie, retrieving and protecting said candidates or looking out for rebel alliances, rival organisations or anything with generally bad intentions. But now, her sleep had left her tired and sore, though a walk in the sun would do that good. Kind of sun.

Afon himself looked quite exhausted thanks to his earlier efforts, but at least he had gotten some sleep. Though the day was almost half over, there was still more that had to be done. Natalia had planned on showing Afon everything about home base, even introducing him to her superiors and perhaps even a tour. At this rate though, thanks to Atticus' delays, they might only get to one of those things.

"So, Afon," Natalia said, feeling the chill of Sweden blow through her hair. "Do you have any family?" Natalia knew this, but felt the need to make some kind of conversation.

Atticus Forsberg - Stockholm, Sweden

Atticus almost laughed back at Helena. How good was he with his tail? Please, that wasn't a real power. It was a weird, extra, infrequently useful limb. It was only good in a fight. Or picking stuff up. Or... stuff. No, it would not be helpful here.

"They should be here. Right through those gates," he pointed Gate 7AA, making sure the guard nor doctor-nurse noticed he was. "No, we shouldn't start a scene, we shouldn't give anyone a reason to put us in jail. A struggle will just inform other guards and then crap will just hit the fan. Maybe... uh," an idea came to mind. Not a really good one that was well thought out, like what Helena was probably expecting. A dumb, pretty risky one.

"Okay, so, you can make yourself go invisible, right? Okay... um, so, if Annie was right, she and Natalia should be down there outside somewhere. Natalia could help. Maybe. If you take your metal stuff off and sneak through and get her... but what happens if... argh!" he threw his hands up in the air. This sucked!!
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