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Cira and Alex Gaile - Florence, Italy to England

Alexander was taken a little by surprise. The girl, instead of taking a whack at him, just played with his face like a curious child. She seemed pretty intrigued by the fact that Alex's face had taken on the strength of metal despite still being flexible and fleshy. Then she looked at Cira. "And yours?"


"If you show me yours, I will show you mine." That seemed like a pretty good deal. Maybe he could try something more impressive than throwing something at his dad's face, too; could his power reach down to more than just something solid, like individual molecules? Something basic should be enough. What made fire? He didn't have anything to light, so friction would be necessary. Then there's oxygen and something flammable. There's plenty of flammable gases in the air: methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide. All not large in volume, but still very burn-worthy. Then there's nitrogen; it made up the majority of the gas in the air and doesn't burn. This'll take a while. Regardless, Cira nodded at the girl and closed his eyes, trying to think of the gases at their level, the burnable molecules just crashing into each other.

After about a minute and a half of trying to concentrate, and some rather annoying grunting sound effects courtesy of Cira's father, an area between the trio's seats sparked and ignited into a small flame, however brief that may have appeared before dissipating. It tired the boy out some, though, having to move things on such a tiny scale. He didn't even get to see the fruit of his labor. It relieved him that he was able to do something like that, however, in spite of all the work it took. Next time, let's see if I can't lift a boulder. He took another minute to catch his breath and asked the girl next to him, "Was that a good example? Now it's your turn."

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