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@Rafael_P: An NPC trainer gives the same levels as a PC trainer, for the record.

@ShinyDiamond: You are not obligated to read posts that do not directly interact with your character. Nor are people whose characters are not interacting with yours obligated to wait for a person that technically isn't even RPing with them. Oxo That would be silly!~

@Dragonkat: Yes.

@everyone: Speaking of which, as the day comes to a close I want to ask you guys a question. Which of you would like your characters to be in the new class hosted by the one and only Hilda? It's a class that's basically about using your pokemon to help the community and may involve things like community service, exploration of mysterious dungeons and even search and rescue~ Hint hint.

This particular class is relevant to the overarching plot in that it's meant to train students for future dangers, and will be it's own mini plot in that I believe others might find it fun. That being said, it will take significantly longer than most other classes, and be treated more like a field trip.

Not everyone can take it at once, but certain people will be taking it each day.

Also, on an unrelated note students may feel free to collect up to 6 rare candies from teachers as part of Halloween which can be used exactly as they are in the games. Teacher OCs are not required to hand these out.