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I dunno if anyone noticed, but I made some userbars for anyone who wants those...

Final Update (#3) on Crystal.
  • Beat all the gyms in Kanto pretty easily.
  • Surge was funny because Ace Metronomed Transform, and ended up winning with Struggle, lol.
  • The rest of the leaders were no trouble. Carl and Ace were the MVPs here.
  • Then I got everyone to L60, and challenged Red.
  • I probably should have grinded everyone a bit higher, but I ended up winning in the end. Carl and Sailor were the MVPs.

Pokemon Trainer Red:

Team White (Final):

Vincent the Smeargle, ♂ - L60 @ BlackBelt
Body Slam, Sleep Powder, Cross Chop, Thunderbolt
Final Stats: 174/63/75/65/95/133

Ace the Togetic, ♂ - L60 @ Charcoal -> Kanto co-MVP
Fly, Double-Edge, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast
Final Stats: 169/90/137/131/161/83

Carl the Butterfree, ♂ - L60 @ Miracle Seed -> Johto MVP, Kanto co-MVP, Red co-MVP
Psychic, Sleep Powder, Hidden Power (Water), Giga Drain
Final Stats: 174/97/101/135/135/119

Sailor the Dewgong, ♂ - L60 @ Leftovers -> Elite Four MVP, Red co-MVP
Surf, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Return
Final Stats: 220/127/130/125/155/125

HM Slaves:
Totodile - Cut, Surf, Whirlpool
Psyduck - Dig, Flash, Strength, Waterfall
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