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Quote originally posted by teamVASIMR:
1. Uh, Cutlerine, you probably shouldn't listen to me. I probably set off a volcano that, while it would erupt anyway sometime in the future, (I don't know where this sentence is going)
What I mean is, keep in mind you can't please everybody and afaik I'm the only reader who doesn't really love the first few chapters.
Ah, you misunderstand me. This is nothing to do with pleasing the readers - I really have been planning to overhaul them for some time now. You're not deceived; they really are of subpar quality. I always say that if a story can be made better, it ought to be.

Quote originally posted by teamVASIMR:
2. Whatever that bomb is, it is an "exotic poke-nuke" to me (and your user title is "Nuclear!") as of now.
My user title is Nuclear! for a completely different reason. It's to do with my avatar.

Quote originally posted by teamVASIMR:
3. The important thing is, did you listen to Drifen? The publisher's website has a full recording available for free (the thing they sell is the sheet music) so it is certainly NOT piracy. Go ahead and download the mp3. Do it. Do it, do it, do itttt.... Oh and turn the volume up.
I meant to... and I will, as soon as I get around to it.

Quote originally posted by olih:
This story is getting good The characters are very believable, and the plot's moving along nicely :3 I like the slightly cynical theme of this, and Pearl as an unfortunate protagonist who has no clue was nicely done; it's kinda like your last story Great!
It's kind of like, yeah. That's what I was aiming for. However, Pearl actually has a whole different set of strengths and weaknesses to Kester, as will be revealed in time...

Quote originally posted by Silent Memento:
Oh, I laughed my head off at that quote. I really don't know know if you intended to do this or not, but that quote just reminded me of a character I wrote about - a goth trainer who moonlights as a serial killer.
That was entirely unintentional. It's just that serial killers are funny. Wait. No they're not. Scratch that.

Quote originally posted by Silent Memento:
I was wondering when Stephanie was going to make her appearance. You know, I wonder how many of the things that she mentioned are relevant to this plot...and I also wonder how many things she didn't mention.
You'll like the next chapter, then.

Quote originally posted by Silent Memento:
Bond - is - freaking - awesome. He totally needs a new job, but I'm guessing that in spite of his thoughts, he wouldn't want to leave Ellen behind. He's just a really calm, tolerant, selfless, and believable character.
I know, I know, he's great. He's the only character (besides Pigzie Doodle) whose ultimate ending I've actually worked out properly so far, purely because he's awesome.

Quote originally posted by Silent Memento:
There's one confusing thing about the Galactic duo scene:

It's just a bit vague as to who's speaking in the bolded part. Is it Liza or Tristan?
Fixed. I, uh, must've lost concentration mid-paragraph there and regained it two sentences later.

Quote originally posted by Silent Memento:
Anyway, you're far from the only person who hates Wake. I can tolerate him, at least; I've never had real problems with him, since I use Luxray a fair bit. I think the only gym leader I hate beyond all reason is Whitney. Damn you, Miltank! Stop abusing stomp, attract, and milk drink, you fat, ugly cow! Just let me win for once!
I found Whitney horrendously difficult the first time, and really easy after that. It's Jasmine's Steelix that got me - especially in Gen 4 Contests. Did you know it's a Master Rank Beauty contestant? And that it always wins? Damn snake...

Quote originally posted by Silent Memento:
Edit: If this review seems weird, it's likely because I wrote it at four in the morning. My apologies.
It doesn't seem weird at all, which is probably a reflection on me rather than you.


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