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Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
Thanks DrFuji

I have a new question, I can't get nicknaming to work.
I tried "call 0x1A74EB" from diegoisawesome's tutorial, but the game just freezes there. Then I tried special 0x166, but here my pokémon is not shown in the name editing screen. I presume this needs additional variables for selecting which pokémon has the name changed?

And I have huge problems with flags, the ones I use don't work, i tried 5000, 7000, 8000. Which ones are completely safe?

Thanks in advance,
For your first question, Special 0x9E Opens up the nickname screen for Pokemon in the party. You must set the variable 0x8004 to whatever slot number the pokemon you want to nickname is at.

Edit: Special 0x166, which is the one you were using, is for nicknaming Pokemon that are in a box. Setting the box number to 0x800F and the slot of the pokemon in the box to 0x8010 will let you nickname a Pokemon in a box.

For your second question, none of the flags you tried are safe. In fact, the safest ones are the ones used in the game, i.e. 0x28-0x4BC. Flags below this point are usually temporary flags, and above that point they start messing with other stuff in the game. Here's a good list of all the flags in Firered....just consult that before you delegate flags, because some are automatically set, and some are used for stuff in game, like breeding.

Originally Posted by EdensElite View Post
How do you activate the pokedex, once it's unlocked, for fire red.
I don't think I understand what you mean. Simply setting the correct flag (0x829) shows the pokedex on the menu screen, and special 0x16F upgrades to the national dex. If its still not opening, I'm not sure what the problem might be. I think it only works if the player has had or seen a Pokemon before, so maybe thats the problem.

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