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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
I'd like to un-retire with the ownership change x] Now get on the server! :D
Welcome back to the clan! and I'll be on ASAP lol. May be a little late, due to exam review. But expect me after 5-6 EST

Quote originally posted by Musica:
Can I sign-up? :D

<can't decide for a sprite yet>
PC Name: Musica
PO Name: Musica

Welcome to the clan, Musica! I'll just go ahead and set the default Hilbert sprite for you, for now, until you can provide another one

Now let's get some clan battles going, guys!

Quote originally posted by Yoshikkko:
leaving this. bye!! sign me out please!
Ahhhh shucks :/ You were so high in the clan in terms of experience, Yoh Welp, in any case, we wish you the best of luck where ever you decide to go next!