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Ok I told you Epitalp93 that I would look up some for my digimon cards 1st generation...
There are a lot. (40 or so)
Biyomon- pecking attack, spiral twister
piximon- pit bomb, magical tail
Otamamon- slammin attack, stun bubble
Kabuterimon- beetle horn attack, electorshocker
MegaKabuterimon- Electro Shocker, Horn buster
Petamon- Boom bubble, slamming attack
Pukumon- Needle squall, globerfish poison
Kunemon- Poison Winder, Electro thread
HerculesKabuterimon (I guess he is really strong)-Mega electro Shocker, Giga scissorclaw
Ikkakumon- Heat top, Harpoon torpedo
Okuwamon- beetle horn attack, and double scissor claws
demidevimon- evil whisper, demi dart
candlemon- Flame bomber, melted wax
Ok I have some more, but i have to go.
(might have some wrong letters, but I am rushed!!!)