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Brian Sheppard - New York City, New York, United States

Content. Love. Hate. Compassion. Hope. Fear. Lust. Passion. All emotions, and all the things Brian was currently feeling at that moment. It was slightly amazing. To feel so many emotions at once was something that was unexplainable to him but it was a burden as well. He wasn't able to tell no one with out something bad happening and he wasn't able to use it like he could. It had only started a week before but it was unique and he knew why. He was an Atlantean...

Scrolling down the screen on his computer, Brian read a news report, slowly reading the whole thing.

“…a large explosion occurring in Berlin, Germany today, thought to be the work of Atlanteans has rushed a bill through the United Nations calling for all Atlanteans to register themselves and their abilities with the local Atlantean Centre in all capital cities. The Atlantean Royal Family, lacking to presence of leader Blayze Nalaar, has today agreed with the UN authorities to support their decision and were the first to register. Anybody now caught using Atlantean Abilities without being registered or carrying a registration card will face detainment,” it read.

Oh great, he thought, I have to register? How am I supposed to do that without my family finding out?

It was frustrating, being able to tell them. He knew the loved him but what would they think of him? He knew he had to do it. Sighing, he grabbed his leather jacket and wallet to leave. He took the steps out of his room to the stairs and walked down quietly, hoping no one would see him leave, or at least not question him. Reaching the first floor, he walked onward to the door, well, that was until he was stopped.

"Brian, what's slope intercept form," his fifteen year-old sister asked, doing her homework with her twin Jake.

Not the question I thought it would be but okay, he thought happily. "Y equals mx plus b," he told her. "Working on Geometry?"

"Ya," Jake said. "It's pretty stupid being that Geometry is about shapes not slopes."

"But slopes are lines," he said. "See you guys later."

Opening the door, Brian progressed to his new car. It was a nice, black hybrid his parents had got him for his birthday, simple.

The ride was quick, being as the building was only by the JFK airport while he was in Brooklyn. After getting there, he walked in to find the whole place filled.

Emotions flooded his mind. Lust for power, hope for peace and justice. Just a couple things he felt. God, he thought. Wish I could turn this off sometimes. Pushing the emotions from his thoughts a little, Brian moved on. Seemingly there for nearly a half hour, he reached the front counter and got pulled to the back with a doctor ready to take down notes.

"Name and power?" He asked eagerly.

Brian told him, giving him the details of his power and the like. The doctor seemed interested and was given a piece of paper and directed to another room.
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