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So me and Nica were talking the other day. Our idea was that we should utilize the ladder on the PC server. I feel this would be a great way to get people to battle and would also be fun. Also some more ideas that i had;
  • Usage statistics for our server, id be curious to see what people use most. This is possible, if just for fun. =P
  • We could run our own suspect tests on a separate ladder on the server ? This could be a fun experiment and plus, it may put an end to the complaining about how terrible OU is. For example, we have a Poll here on the forum with like "should________ be suspect <insert reasons why> if its voted enough then it could be removed on the ladder for however long or voted on again here via PM etc by REQS idk. This is especially good because smogon is no longer doing suspect tests. =) I know "we arent smogon" but we cant even have OUR say anymore because of stupid council which is why i laddered on smogon in suspect tests. So basically laddering on smogon is pointless now unless its for bragging rights.
Either way, main point being: We have a ladder and we should use it, even if its just for OU.



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