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Originally Posted by Gafl View Post
I see... I think. I'm sorry but I couldn't understand that last part. Did you mean 1MB for all of the .midi together or per?

Another question. How feasible is it to change the way how text is displayed? Like instead of you just going up to a person, talking to them and text appearing at the bottom of the screen you go up to a person, talk to them but the screen turns a bit dark and a picture of the main character and the person they're talking to appear while the pictures sometimes change to convey emotions? Like in other RPGs?
One way to do that is what speedster said, however I know for a fact I've seen a tutorial on how to make "mugshots" appear, and I've seen it in a hack too...I just don't know where the tutorial is. JPANs hack engine has a picture display command which will display images without having to substitute pokemon for it.

Originally Posted by BDHORNZ View Post
I have a question which came in my mind it possible to play hacks online? I want to play pokemon b/w online and I am playing Blaze Black(a b/w hack),so can I just play online
with normal b/w players even though I play a hack??
I've never been able to connect to other DS's via a computer, but using a flash cart to play a rom on a DS will work.

Originally Posted by PaulieCZ View Post
Allright, guys. Sorry to bother you again, but after successfull start with remapping (working on a hack), I decided to insert some new sprites and change some pokemons. Well, worked without problem. Oshawott was in the game and so was Snivy. However, when I opened FSF to find some space for Tepig, I was given some space as usual, but this space is not chaning. Can't get new set of free bytes for inserting another sprites.

I thought that my rom (FireRed) may be damaged somehow, so I tried another one, but after inserting same sprites, same problem popped up.
I'm not sure what chaning means, but maybe using wichu's sprite editor would help you.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.