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Quote originally posted by BDHORNZ:
Are you referring to trade and such with normal player's or a MMORPG (Mega Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)? For the furthermost it would be a no. But for the first it may be possible if you are on a laptop that gets a Wi-Fi connection perhaps. I've never used a DS Emulator so I can't be sure.


I mean that i use my R4-FLASHCARD with a hack of Pokemon White with new evolutions/attacks/types (Pokemon Blaze Black).I can use WIFI but I dont know if I can trade/battle with people playing the original Black and White,thats the question
In theory, it should work. The only forseeable problem I can think of is that the index numbers of the Pokemon in your hack and the index numbers of the Pokemon in the original game don't match, which would only occur if the hack had fakemon. Otherwise, go ahead and try!

Quote originally posted by Gafl:
Thank you both for your help. If you remember what hack had these "mugshots" then please inform me. I've played a hack of Emerald, I think it was Pokemon Skye or something like that, and they had pokemon from all 5 generations. What are the chances of success of getting all pokemon in a hack of Ruby along with completely new music for towns, routes, battles for the gym leaders, elite four, champion and individual music for 8 "teams" along with these "mugshots?"
The hack I was thinking of is this one.

Quote originally posted by Reygok:
I know quite well what scripting is but what I want is to change what Oak says in the intro, if this is possible with XSE, then please tell me how
If A-text is giving you problems, the best way would be to convert what Oak says into hex, and search for it with a hex editor. If your error message says something about a blahblahblah .OCX, you can actually download that file online to fix it up.

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